Marine Policy: index

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Marine Policy
Date Vol / Num Articles
Jan-78 2/1 Scotland's oil, US fishery conservation zone,
Apr-78 2/2 Liability in North Sea oil pollution
Jul-78 2/3 role of research in fisheries development,
Jan-79 3/1 security disarmament and the law of the sea
Jul-79 3/3 Inshore fishing in Canada - extended jurisdiction of Canada
Jan-93 17/1 Un convention of the law of the sea, fisheries in issue,
Mar-93 17/2 North sea pollution, seabed mining,
May-93 17/3 Marine conservation policy
Jul-93 17/4 whale harvests,
Sep-93 17/5 Special Issue, Managing the marine environment, Shetland and the sea
Nov-93 17/6 UNCED's marine agenda
Jan-94 18/1  
Mar-94 18/2 UNCED's marine agenda and the role of local authorities,
May-94 18/3  
Jul-94 18/4  
Sep-94 18/5 Classification socities and safety at sea,
Nov-94 18/6  
Jan-95 19/1 Limitation of law in marine conservation,
Mar-95 19/2  
May-95 19/3  
Jul-95 19/4 Special issue: Canadian public policy and ocean management, Crisis in Canada's Atlantic sea fisheries, canada's ocean and maritime security.
Sep-95 19/5 US Oil Pollution Act
Nov-95 19/6 Special issue, shipping safety and the environment
Jan-96 20/1 Narcotics interdiction at sea,
Mar-96 20/2  
May-96 20/3  
Jul-96 20/4 Protection of underwater cultural heritage
Oct-96 20/5  
Nov-96 20/6 marine protected areas :emerging economics, artificial reefs of waste materials,



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