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Part of the W. M. "Sandy" McPherson Collection...

A short biography of Sandy McPherson is available.


Title Publisher First Last Name Published
Sailor's Words, The Canadian Sailing Publications W.M. "Sandy" McPherson 1983
Sailing Dictionary, The Granada Publishing Joachim Schult 1981
Great Voyages in Small Boats John DeGraff Inc. Guzzwell, Dumas, Slocum John, Vito, Joshua 1976
Leaf upon the Sea, A University of British Columbia Gordon W Stead 1988
Atlantic Rendezvous Nautical Publishing Co Ltd William Murray 1970
Black Ships, The Little, Brown and Co Everett S Allen 1965
Salty Words Hearst Marine Robert Hendrickson 1984
Who sank Surcouf? Century James Rusbridger 1991
Atlantic Meeting Methuen and Sons H.V. Morton 1943
When laughter put to sea Langmar Studio Langford Dixon 1968
With blood and iron Hutchinson Douglas Reeman 1964
Iron Coffins Holt, Rinehart and Winston Herbert A Werner 1969
It's really quite safe! Hangar Books Capt G.A .Hank Rotherham 1979
Atlantic schooners Brunswick Press Rear Adm H.F. Pullen 1967
Running the Gauntlet Nimbus Publication Ltd Mike Parker 1994
Never lose steerage way Picton Gazette Jack Braidwood 1971
Ravenscrag McClelland and Stewart Thomas E. Appleton 1974
Schooners in Peril Anchor Publications James L. Donahue 1995
Adventure in depth G.P. Putnam's Sons Commander William King 1975
Empire of the North Atlantic University of Toronto Press Gerald S Graham 1950
Usque ad mare Dept of Transport, Ottawa Thomas E. Appleton 1969
Glossary of modern sailing terms Dodd, Mead & Co. John Rousmaniere 1976
Romance of the sea National Geographic J.H. Parry 1981




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