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Motor Boat, 1922

The magazine Motor Boat, which eventually became Motor Boat and Yachting, was a a popular and well considered British journal, that added "sailing" content in 1936 due to public demand.

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Published by the Hearst corporation at:
224 west 57th St.
New York, N.Y. 10019
Mail to:
Motor Boating & Sailing
P.O. Box 10075, Des Moines, Iowa, 50350


Motor Boat and Yachting, 1966

History of the publication:

Place: London; England  
Main title: The Motor Boat  
  Numbers no.1-350
  Dates 14 July 1904 - 23 March 1911

  Continued as The Motor Boat and Marine Oil and Gas Engine
  Numbers no.351-420
  Dates 30 March 1911 - 25 July 1912

  Continued as Motor Ship and Motor Boat
  Numbers no.421-821
  Dates 1 Aug.1912 - 2 April 1920

  Continued as The Motor Boat
  Numbers no.822-1670
  Dates 9 April 1920 - 24 July 1936

  Continued as The Motor Boat, Yachting and Commercial Craft
  Numbers no.1671-1758
  Dates 31 July 1936 - 1 April 1938

  Continued as The Motor Boat and Yachting
  Numbers no.1759-
  Dates 8 April 1938-



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