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National Geographic

National Geographic, August 1912


Partially incomplete collection from 1888 to 2010

[Left] The cover of the August 1912 edition, that contains a most interesting article on relatively early oceanographic research by John E. Pillsbury, U.S. Navy, entitled "The Grandest and Most Mighty Terrestrial Phenomenon: The Gulf Stream" illustrated with maps and diagrams. Other articles include (1938) William Doerflinger's "Crusing for ballads in Nova Scotia", a remarkable piece of research into shanties; and of course Maria Tharp's and Bruce Heezen's first (public) article "The World Ocean Floor" in 1977 on the mid-Atlantic rift and ridge.

Collection: The Ladies' Collection

Availability: boxed, single - some bound volumes.

Indexing: by NMA, started, incomplete, is available here.

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