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Proceedings of the U.S. Naval Institute

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This catalogue will be updated as additional accessions are made and as indexing proceeds. The Society wishes to thank members Jean and Roger Cole, without whose foresight and assistance this collection would not exist.

The Society also wishes to thank Commander Gery Sang, USN (Ret'd) whose generous donation has completed the collection from February 1969 to the present day; and has permitted the presentation of the collection in USNI slipcases - blue with gilt lettering. Commander Sang has also most graciously donated near-complete collections of "Naval History", also published by the USNI, and Sea Classics.

The Society also wishes to thank Dr. Bill Day and Elizabeth Mindlin for their most generous donation of their late father's collection of the Proceedings.

From the end of WWII to the end of 2005, we are missing: Aug:1945, Oct:1945, Dec:1945, Feb:1946, Jan:1947, Aug:1947, Oct:1947, Nov:1947, Dec:1954

Prior to end WWII, we hold the following issues: Nov:1919, Nov:1927, Aug:1928, Oct:1928, Nov:1928, Feb:1929, Aug:1929, Feb:1930, Mar:1930, May:1930, Jun:1930, Nov:1930, Dec:1930, Mar:1931, May:1931, Jul:1931, Sep:1931, Oct:1931, Nov:1931, Mar:1932, May:1932, Jul:1932, Dec:1932, Feb:1933, Mar:1933, Apr:1933, Aug:1933, Nov:1933, Dec:1933, Jan:1934, Feb:1934, Apr:1934, Jun:1934, May:1935, Jul:1935, Sep:1935, Feb:1936, Apr:1936, May:1936, Jun:1936, Aug:1937, Jan:1939, Mar:1939, Jul:1939, Aug:1939, Aug:1940, Sep:1940, Oct:1940, Dec:1940, Mar:1942, Jun:1942, Feb:1943, Mar:1943, Apr:1943, Jul:1943, Sep:1943, Oct:1943, Nov:1943, Dec:1943, Feb:1944, Mar:1944, Apr:1944, Jun:1944, Jul:1944, Oct:1944, Nov:1944, Jul:1945,

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