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Oceans Magazine

Oceans Magazine, Vol.1, no. 1


Oceans [latterly ISSN 0029-8174] was published five, then six times a year, originally by Trident Publishers, Inc, of San Diego, later by the Oceanic Society, finally by Oceans Magazine Limited Partnership for the Oceanic Society. Our collection is complete from Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1969) to Volume 21, Number 6 (November 1988) which we believe was the last issue. We have some duplicates for exchange or possible sale, mostly between 1974 and 1983. Please contact us for donations or exchanges.

"To effect a better world, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves in all facets of living, to be creative in philosophy, exploring, enterprise and leisure. On these premises, I launch Oceans Magazine." - Jack C. Reynolds, Publisher, editorial of Volume 1, Number 1

The cover of the January 1969 (Vol. 1, Num. 1) issue, features a photograph by Ron Church of Photography Unlimited

Credits: this Society wishes to recognize the assistance of Dr. Edythe M. Humphries in completing this collection.

Collection: General

Availability: boxed, single

Indexing: by NMA, partial available here; also please see our main catalogue entry.



Last known (1988) publishers's address
Oceans Magazine Limited Partnership
2001, W Main St.,
Stamford, CT, 06902 Tel: 203-359-8626
E-mail: [unknown]
Web site: of the Oceanic Society



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