The Polar Record

Polar Record

Polar Record

The Polar Record is the journal of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, and was established in 1931, with two issues every year. In 1953, this increased to three, and since 1988 it has become a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of Arctic and Antarctic exploration and research. It is managed by the Scott Polar Research Institute and published by Cambridge University Press. Subject matter included general and specialized polar interests, including accounts of field work, but recently have expanded to include original primary research papers in the physical sciences, life sciences, polar technology, humanities, and social sciences, as well as papers concerning current political, economic, legal, and environmental issues.

The cover illustration shows the summer 1974-75 microwave image of the Antarctic continent and sea ice.

Collection: Stormy Weather

Availability: incomplete run, 157 issues from Jan 1943 (vol. 4, no. 26) - July 2002 (vol. 38, no. 206); loose, boxed.

Indexing: please see our main catalogue entry. Cambridge University have a very complete finding aid..


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