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Royal Cruising Club Journal, 1890.


The The Royal Cruising Club Journal is an annual Journal of yacht cruising articles, logs, accounts, maps, photos etc published by the Cruising Club founded in 1880 by Sir Arthur Underhill to to "associate the owners of small yachts, boats and canoes used for cruising on sea, river or lake, and any other persons interested in aquatic amusements". (Royal Cruising Club from 1902 onwards.) Previous editors of the Journal have included Alastair Garrett and Boyd Campbell.

Our collection is complete in 61 volumes bound from 1890 - the first journal - to 1982 (excepting 1897-1901, 1910 and 1978-1981). A number of these volumes were also printed, perhaps at a later date, and certainly with similar content except for the Club members' information that was deemed of no interest to the public, under the title Roving Commissions; donations would be greatly appreciated.

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Published by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd.
Edited by Maldwin Drummund
Hon. Secretary's Address
35, Wesleigh Avenue, London, SW15 6RG



"I shall slip on board ... and then one morning I shall wake to the song and tramp of the sailors, the clink of the capstan, and the rattle of the anchor-chain coming merrily in. We shall break out the jib and the foresail, the white houses on the harbour side will glide slowly past us as she gathers steering-way, and the voyage will have begun! As she forges towards the headland she will clothe herself with canvas; and then, once outside, the sounding slap of great green seas as she heels to the wind, pointing South!"
Kenneth Grahame, Wind in the willows.


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