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Our "Rudder" collection

The Rudder Magazine

The Rudder Magazine.


The monthly Rudder Magazine for Yachtsmen was first published in 1891 and ceased publication in June 1977. The magazine's founder and first editor, Thomas Fleming Day, born Somerset, England in March 1861, died 19 August 1927 at his home in Harlem, New York, was working in 1890 as a boat salesman for a shop on Dey Street in New York which also produced a catalog of nautical wares. His employer thought that “getting out a little paper” and charging for advertising space would be more lucrative than producing all those free catalogs. Mr Day obliged.

Our collection is fairly complete, with the exception of the issues in the "Missing" table below. We would appreciate any and all offers to help us complete the collection. We do have some copies available for exchange.

From July 1977 until January 1981 (occasionally later), the name of "The Rudder" was used by Inland Sea, Lakeland Boating, Lakeland Boating/Sea, Sea, Sea (Inland edition) and Western Sea, our collections are complete with the exception of March and April 1978 and March 1981.

Issues that have been partially indexed are catalogued here. Important note: if an issue does not appear in this indexed table, it does not necessarily mean that we do not hold it in our collections. On the other hand, if an issue does not appear in our missing table, then we certainly hold it.

Collection: Robert W. "Bob" Davis Collection

Availability: all boxed, single - no volumes [see details]

Indexing: by NMA, see above. Also, please see our list by designer, builder etc

See also our main catalogue entry.

We are actively collecting back issues of this magazine; if we already have, or receive more, duplicates - we will gladly exchange with other collections. Please email: .

Missing issues:

All issues 1891 through 1894 (except facsimile of Vol. I, No. 1.)
Jan:1895, Mar:1895
Aug:1896, Nov:1896
Feb:1907, May:1907, Jun:1907
Nov:1916, Dec:1916
Jan:1917, Feb:1917, Apr:1917, May:1917, Jun:1917, Jul:1917, Aug:1917, Sep:1917, Oct:1917 Nov:1917, Dec:1917
Jan:1918, Feb:1918, Apr:1918, May:1918, Jun:1918, Jul:1918, Aug:1918, Oct:1918, Dec:1918
Jan:1920, Feb:1920, Apr:1920, May:1920, Jun:1920, Aug:1920, Sep:1920, Oct:1920, Nov:1920
Apr:1921, May:1921, Jun:1921, Jul:1921, Sep:1921, Oct:1921, Nov:1921
Jan:1922, Feb:1922, Apr:1922, Jun:1922, Jul:1922, Aug:1922, Sep:1922, Oct:1922, Dec:1922
Jan:1923, May:1923, Jun:1923, Jul:1923, Sep:1923, Oct:1923, Nov:1923, Dec:1923
Jan:1924, Feb:1924, Apr:1924, May:1924, Jun:1924, Jul:1924, Aug:1924, Sep:1924, Oct:1924 Dec:1924
Jan:1925, Feb:1925, Apr:1925, May:1925, Jun:1925, Jul:1925, Sep:1925, Oct:1925, Nov:1925 Dec:1925
Jan:1926, Feb:1926, Sep:1926, Oct:1926, Nov:1926, Dec:1926
Jun:1927, Jul:1927
Sep:1928, Oct:1928, Nov:1928, Dec:1928
Feb:1930, Apr:1930, Oct:1930
Mar:1931, Jun:1931, Sep:1931, Oct:1931, Dec:1931
Jan:1932, Feb:1932, Mar:1932, Apr:1932, May:1932, Jul:1932
Mar:1942, Apr:1942
Mar:1978, Apr:1978, Mar:1981 (later re-incarnations of The Rudder: Inland Sea, Sea, Western Sea, Lakeland Boating.)



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