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The Skipper

The Skipper, September 1957


The Skipper [ISSN 0709-4744] is now believed to be out of print. It was published monthly, written "for yachtsmen by experienced, well known men in the yachting world" and had a circulation of about 40,000 in the 1960s.

The Skipper

The Skipper, March 1963

The cover (top left) of Volume XVII, Number 9, of September 1957, shows a Florida youngster rigging the jib halyard on his father's Lightning. The photo is credited to Jack Montgomery. That of Volume XXIII, Number 3, of March 1963, (right) shows Huey Long's Ondine, his first (woooden) of that name.

Our collection is incomplete with 74 issues from 1953 (September) to 1969 (December); donations would be greatly appreciated.

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The Skipper
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