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Small Boat Journal collection


Small Boat Journal

Small Boat Journal, pilot issue

Small Boat Journal [ISSN 0192-7396] was first published by National Fisherman, 21, Elm Street, Camden, Maine in March 1979. Our collection is complete from the Pilot Issue through to November 1991 (Volume 81). It should be noted that the Editorial and Business Office moved to Bennington, Vermont until their 10th Anniversary Issue (#66, May 1989), after which it became Small Boat Journal based in Atlanta, Georgia; then just Boat Journal in July 1990 (#73); finally becoming Boating World in September 1991 (#80), by absorbing MotorBoat magazine. At this point, traditional boat owners and builders appear to have felt that the original philosophy had been lost, and ...

The Small Boat Journal covers many aspects of small boat design and production and the appropriateness of design for work or for recreation. It is considered a primary source on designer Phil Bolger, who was a regular contributor.

The cover of the March 1979 Pilot Issue (left) "reflects one of the best uses of an old seine dory: modify it for pleasure use with sail or outboard well (the latter in this case) and take it cruising or gunkholing". The cover of the 10th Anniversary (May 1989, #66, right) shows an Eric Poggenpohl photo of an L. Francis Herreshoff designed Buzzards Bay 14.


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Small Boat Journal

Small Boat Journal, 10th anniversary


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