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Celebrating an amazing 20 Years !

coat of arms

Our coat of Arms

On Trafalgar Day, the 21st of October 1999, The Naval Marine Archive : the Canadian Collection™ received its Letters Patent – at that time under our former name Archives and Collections Society.

Over the years since then, our members and volunteers, sponsors and benefactors, directors and summer students have created a world class facility unique in Canada and elsewhere. We are very proud of our achievements in creating an important legacy for future generations. The multiple roles of the Naval Marine Archive in preserving and conserving documents, paintings and the written word, together with our research and educational capabilities, are appreciated by our visitors – in person at The Victory or electronically from all corners of the globe.

As Lewis Lapham writes:

"It isn't with machines that mankind makes its immortality. We do so with what we've learned on our travels across the frontiers of the millennia, salvaging from the sack of cities and the wreck of empires what we've found to be useful, beautiful, or true. The historical record is mankind's most precious inheritance, telling us that the story painted on the old walls and printed in the old books is also our own."

You are invited to a big party to celebrate this milestone on the 21st October, which by fortuitous coincidence is Trafalgar Day, when, in 1805, Lord Nelson and his fleet triumphed at the Battle of Trafalgar some 214 years ago.


Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

Festivities begin at 3pm. and will continue until ... So please join us for this twentieth anniversary celebration.

For a short trip down memory lane, please visit this slideshow.


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