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31st Annual Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists

Opened Saturday, 3 May 2014


The Naval Marine Archive ­ The Canadian Collection and the Canadian Society of Marine Artists are proud to present the 31st Annual Exhibition of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists which opened Saturday the 3rd of May 2014. The paintings by the artists for this new exhibition will be on display until the end of July at The Victory gallery, 205 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

We are commemorating the 100th anniversary this year of the First World War. The Royal Canadian Navy played an important part in this history, adding ships to the service and serving on board British ships. Midshipman Malcolm Cann, Midshipman John V.W. Hatheway, Midshipman William Archibald Palmer, and Midshipman Arthur Wiltshire Silver were the first RCN casualties, when HMS Good Hope was sunk on 1st November 1914.


"Pro Patria Mori", HMS Good Hope at Coronel 1914     Hamish Berchem, CSMA

We are fortunate to have many talented artists from across Canada who enjoy portraying all aspects of marine art. This year three of the artists have chosen Canada's first submarines, CC-1 and CC-2, as a subject to commemorate the events of one hundred years ago.


Five Miles South Trial Island    Marc Magee,CSMA

Canada's First Submarines    John M. Horton,CSMA

First Ladies at Sunset off Fisgard    Peter Rindlisbacher,CSMA

The artists work in different media and it is fascinating to see the varied works of the members of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists and their guests artists. Other subjects, ranging from yachting to harbour and dockyard themes, are included in our 31st Annual Exhibition.


Revised: 22 May 2014