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The Fifth Annual Victory Art Show


the fair
County Fair  oil  by Gilles Miramontes  


From the 3rd August to the 6th of September, The Victory is holding an exhibition of artwork by artists from the County.

This fifth Annual Victory Art Show features County Artists who work in oil, acrylic and watercolour with a wide range of subject material. Many of these wellknown artists have been Artist of the Year (Essroc award) at the Prince Edward County Fair.

Their work is truly exciting: from the brightness of Hugh Charlebois' oils featuring Algonquin Park, to Pat Busscher's inspiring watercolours of local scenes, to the quietness of Jack Perrin's work. Lori Scott captures the action of the moment in her watercolours. Ron Pickering highlights the uniqueness of subjects making them dynamic. Mia Lane's work demonstates her skill with subjects from realism to intriguing patterns in oil and Adian Haley has a direct approach protraying the feeling of the scene.

Enjoy the art, the gallery is open daily 10am to 6pm.


Revised: 14 July 2012