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Linday Kenyon signs "Sea over bow"


Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing

Author Linda Kenyon will be here Monday the 12th of August from 5-7pm to sign her book and tell of her voyage.

In an act of great courage - or foolishness - Linda Kenyon decided to sell everything she owned and sail across the ocean with a man she'd just met. Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing is the account of that journey. It takes readers to the middle of the ocean, a place most people have only imagined. It describes the trail of sparkling blue-green light that traces their path across the water at night, and the curious dolphins who frolic around the boat. There is the experience of eating stew straight from the can when the going gets rough; and even - throwing up in a pail.

This is an adventure story, but it's also a love story, one with a happy ending. You can start again. All it takes is courage.

Sea Over Bow is shortlisted for the Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher.

Sea Over Bow by Linda Kenyon, published 2018 by Signature Editions, 212 pages, ISBN 978-1773240-40-4. Please see our on-line catalogue and the author's page for more details.


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