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HUGE BOOK SALE — 50% off all prices


Celebrating our 10th anniversary at The Victory, 205 Main Street
March 17-26


50% off the prices of all our used books - yachting, seafaring, navy, aeronautical and military history, County, Arctic and much, much more. With over 10,000 titles and subjects to choose from.

For the modeller there are boooks on rigging, planking, battleships and more. The yachting topics include types of boats to purchase, maintenance, cruising and racing. The Naval books focus on the Royal Canadian Navy, the ships and history of the Navy through the various wars, with the convoys and the Battle of the Atlantic, German submarines, and the British and United States fleets. For those who enjoy flying, there are books on the balloons and early planes, development of commercial flying and the airforces in Canada, the UK and the USA.

There are books on the history of the Great Lakes, the shipwrecks, the shipping and towns along the lakes and the St. Lawrence.

As well as a good selection of fiction, there are also books on humour, poetry, birds and gardening.


The Naval Marine Archive, open daily 10am to 6pm.


Revised: 10 March 2017