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Trafalgar Day Celebrations

Horatio Nelson

Lord Nelson


The Naval Marine Archive:The Canadian Collection invites you to an Open House from 2 to 4pm. on Sunday the 21st of October 2012.

This party is celebrating our 13th anniversary of receiving the Letters of Patent and it falls on the anniversary of Trafalgar Day.

Trafalgar Day celebrates the victorious Royal Navy at "The Battle of Trafalgar". The British fleet was lead by Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory near Cadiz, Spain, off the Cape of Trafalgar and the fleet won the sea battle over the combined navies of France and Spain, on the 21st of October in the year 1805. This event was the most important victory for Britain during the Napoleonic wars and is often considered as one of the most significant naval battles of all history.

In our gallery you will be able enjoy the displays from our Nelson Collection including recent additions to be viewed for first time. Special paintings - oils and prints - will set the scene, with sculptures, notable memorabilia and books adding to the history of the day.

We have a wealth of information about our model of the HMS Victory which is a centrepiece of our gallery. The visitors are quite intrigued with the model and the historical information about this ship of the line.

There is an index of many of our books in the the Nelson collection. Visit a partial listing to view some of our various title.


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