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To launch vessel - the Buena Vista is about ready

The British Whig (Kingston, Ontario), April 20, 1911
The Launching will be on Wednesday afternoon - Boat built by the Davis Company, of this City

Buena vista


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The new steamer Buena Vista, which is being constructed by the Davis Dry Dock company, of this city, is about completed, and will be launched on Wednesday afternoon, at three o’clock.

The boat is ninety-feet keel, ninety-six feet over all, eighteen feet beam and six and a half feet depth of hull amidships. It is a composite built boat. The keel, stem, stern post and deadwood are of selected white oak. The planking of white oak, two-inch sides and two and a half inches bottom. The bilge strakes are three inches thick. The frames are 2 ½ x 2 ½ steel angles and the shear strake is plate one-quarter inch thick, and two feet wide, running the entire length.

The centre keelson is 12 x 5 girder iron. The boiler and machinery keelsons are 12 inches by 3 inches channel iron, and the bilge keelsons are three inches by three inches angle iron. In addition to those keelsons there are two six inch by three inch angle iron sister keelsons running the entire length of the bottom. Thus making a very strong and substantially built hull.

The deck beams are also 2 ½ by 2 ½ angle steel and the decks are of white pine. The coamings are of steel reinforced by oak. The main deck is clear, leaving the entire space for freight.

On the promenade deck there is a very comfortable and commodious salon cabin with circular front and with two state rooms in connection. The entrance to the cabin and staterooms is from the forward deck only. Immediately aft of the staterooms are two well-arranged toilet rooms, and on each side. The staircase and landing from the main to the promenade deck is well arranged for the convenience of those using the steamer. Aft of the staircase and landing is arranged a galley and mess room for the accommodation of the crew.

The stern portion of the cabin enclosure is taken up by a restaurant, where all the necessities of life are to be obtained.

A very neat little wheelhouse and stateroom is arranged on the upper or hurricane deck. Also life boats and water tanks.

The power used in this steamer will be steam. The boiler is of the Fitzgibbons type, built for a working pressure of 150 lbs. And the engine is a fore and aft compound with cylinders 9 and 18 by 14 inches stroke.

The boat is well equipped with the necessary fire appliances consisting of pumps, piping, hose, etc., and has in addition to the regular pumping outfit, connections from the condensor to the bilge, which insures splendid means of keeping water out of the boat in case of accidents.

The work on the new steamer was started on January 1st, 1911, and considering the cold stormy weather in which the work was carried on much credit is due to the builders for the despatch they have made in completing the boat.

The steamer will be christened the Buena Vista and launched on Wednesday, the 19th, at three o’clock. The boat will be launched stern first. The public is invited to attend.

This boat was first named Venture. Later, the marine department found that another vessel flying the British flag bore the same name, and so the new vessel was obliged to find a new appellation - the Buena Vista. The new steamer is for the Rideau route, between Kingston and Smith’s Falls.



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