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Careening, or hauling down


  1. From William Mountaine's The seaman's vade-mecum, London, 1756: "Careening, is bringing a Ship to lie down on one Side, while the other is trimmed and caulked."
  2. From Darcy Lever's The young sea officer's sheet anchor, second London edition, 1819: "Heaving a Vessel down one side, to clean or repair her Bottom."


An Old Whaler Hove Down For Repairs, Near New Bedford. Cleaning and re-tarring copper sheathing. A wood-cut from a drwing by F.S. Cozzens, Harper's Weekly, December 1882. Click for enlargement.


Careening for good soldiers in the seventeenth century, Richard Barker, Mariner's Mirror, Volume 83, No. 2



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