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Classes and Types

Class (official) Class (colloquial) Type (basic) Type (Cdn usage) Type (full) Project name
Halifax-class City-class, CPF FF, frigate FFH FFACH Canadian Patrol Frigate, CPF
Victoria-class Upholder-class SS, submarine, patrol submarine SS SS1
Kingston-class Maritime Coast Defence Vessel, MCDV MM, mine countermeasures MM MM Maritime Coast Defence Vessel, MCDV
not announced CSC DD, destroyer, or FF, frigate possibly DDH or FFH DDCGH or FFCGH Canadian Surface Combatant, CSC
Orca-class PC, patrol craft PCT, patrol craft training PCT
Protecteur-class JSS AOR probably AOR AOR Joint Support Ship, JSS
Haro-class NLT YTB probably YTB YTB Naval Large Tug, NLT
probably YTS Naval Small Tug, NST
Ocean Patrol Vessel, OPV
various Naval Inshore Support Vessel, NISV


1. Arguably, if/when the Victoria-class are fitted with a land-attack missile, they could be typed as guided missile submarines (SSG).

This data courtesy RUSI, Nova Scotia, with our thanks.


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