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The schooner Dan Williams

later Alexander, later Mary Gormley

DANIEL WILLIAMS [more commonly DAN WILLIAMS], schooner of 82 tons, built Clayton, New York in 1849 by Cook.

Board of Lake Underwriters, Lake Vessel register, 1860, gives: Schooner DANIEL WILLIAMS, of 82 tons. Built Clayton in 1849 by [no entry]. Owned by [ no entry] Home port, Oswego. Class C 2. Value $600.

See more details of her later career as the Mary Gormley

Toronto Globe, October 11, 1862:

Schooner DAN WILLIAMS, Capt. Higgins, who is also the owner, bound from Napanee to Oswego with a cargo of 5,000 hop poles, was caught in a gale and was abandoned, the vessel was washed into South Bay the following day upside down. She was a total loss, with the loss of one life, September 20, 1862. [Also: WILLIAMS, DANIEL Schooner, cargo hop poles, capsized in the Bay of Quinte, one man drowned. Reported in Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, Jan. 26, 1863 from Casualty List of 1862]

Casualty (insurance) List:

Date: September 20, 1862
Location: Bay of Quinte
Reason: capsized
Lives lost: 1
Hull: $600
Cargo: $200
Freight: hop poles
Remarks: rebuilt as ALEXANDER

Register of Shipping, 1864, Register of the Ships on the Lakes and River St. Lawrence, 1864, and Underwriters:

ALEXANDER, canadian schooner of 88 tons, built at Clayton by Cook in 1849, owned by John Tait, Port of hail, Picton. Class B; value $2,000. *Remarks* formerly DAN WILLIAMS, scow; rebuilt 1863.

MARY GORMLEY, Schooner, 1864, ex ALEXANDER, ex DAN WILLIAMS of 88 tons. Built at Clayton in 1846 [sic] by Cook. Owned by James & John Gormley. Home port, Picton. Class B. Value $2,200.

The MARY GORMALLY [sic] was reported by the Picton Gazette in 1878 as being "in harbour". There is an uncornfirmed report that her remains could be those of a two masted schooner found in Young's Cove, Picton Harbour. There is also an unconfirmed report that she was lost east of Point Anne year unknown.



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