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Fishing Ports and Port Registration Letters

Letters Port Country Notes
A Aberdeen Scotland Important fishing port, but the main maritime business is offshore oil support. Excellent photo views for boats entering and leaving the harbour, but poor vantage points for quayside photos. Most of the Scottish East Coast fishing boats are further north at Peterhead and Fraserburgh. (July 2003) st
A Akershus Norway  
A Aalborg Denmark  
A Antwerp Belgium  
AA Aabenraa Denmark  
AA Alloa Scotland There is no fishing trade here, and only a few small boats use these registration letters (June 2003)
AA Aust - Agder Norway  
AA Westeraccumersiel Germany  
AB Aberystwyth Wales  
AB Bensersiel Germany  
ABH Bremerhaven Germany ABH for coastal fisheries and BX for distant water fisheries
AC Arcachon France  
AC Calolinensie Germany  
ACC Accumerseil Germany  
AD Ardrossan Scotland Commercial port in the Firth of Clyde. Most boats use the BA Ballantrae registration
AD Audierne France  
AD Langeoog Germany  
AE Emden Germany  
AF Friesdrichs Schleusses Germany  
AG Greetseil Germany  
AH Angra do Heroismo Portugal  
AH Arbroath Scotland Only a few boats now use the harbour, most landings are at Aberdeen, Peterhead and Fraserburgh. The town is famous for producing smoked haddock (September 2003)
AH Ditzum Germany  
AI Akureyri Iceland  
AJ Juist Germany  
AK Andijk Netherlands  
AL Albufeira Portugal Small boats can be found on the beaches all along the coast (May 1983)
AL Algeciras Spain  
AL Ameland Netherlands  
AL Langeoog Germany  
AL Leer Germany  
ALK Alkmaar Netherlands  
AM Almeria Spain  
AM Amsterdam Netherlands The Maritime Museum has a preserved fishing boat (October 1997)
AM Leerort Germany  
AN Ancora Portugal  
AN Norderney Germany  
AO Oldersum Germany  
AQ Retzmarsiel Germany  
AR Arnes Syssel Iceland  
AR Ayr Scotland The fish market here closed in 1997 and the boats moved a few miles north to Troon. Boats also use Girvan, to the south of Ayr.
AR Rhaudermoor Germany  
ARC Arcachon France  
ARM Arnemuiden Netherlands  
ARN Arnis Germany  
AS Aarhus Denmark  
AS Spickeroog Germany  
AS Ahus Sweden  
ASS Assel Germany  
AT Alicante Spain  
AT Terborg Germany  
AU Audierne France  
AU Baltrum Germany  
AV Aveiro Portugal  
AV Avenhorn Netherlands  
AV Norden Germany  
AW Aengwirden Netherlands  
AW Wilhelmshaven Germany  
AX Borkum Germany  
AY Norddeich Germany  
AY Auray France  
AZ Neuharlingsersiel Germany  
B Belfast Northern Ireland  
B Blankenburg Belgium  
BA Ballantrae Scotland Another tiny and little used harbour, but the BA registration letters are carried by many of the West Coast fishing boats
BA Bayonne France  
BA Barcelona Spain  
BA Bardastradn Syssel Iceland  
BB Bremen Germany  
BCK Buckie Scotland Busy fishing port. Good views of the boats and there is also the Buckie Drifter Fisheries Museum (October 2003)
BD Bideford England A shallow tidal estuary with only a few small boats, but the port also includes Appledore, with its excellent maritime museum and the picturesque village of Clovelly, once famous for its herring boats.  Barnstaple and Bideford both have 12-16 foot salmon boats that carry registration letters (August 2004)
BD Buskerud Norway  
BE Barnstaple England  
BEI Beidenfleth Germany  
BEN Bensersiel Germany  
BF Banff Scotland Tiny harbour, but registration port for many Scottish fishing boats. The adjacent port of Macduff is a major repair yard for fishing boats and also has a Marine Aquarium (October 2003)
BH Blyth England  
BH Brouwershaven Netherlands  
BI Bilbao Spain  
BIN Bingum Germany  
BK Berwick on Tweed England Not many boats in the town of Berwick on Tweed, but a variety of boats can be seen in coastal villages such as Seahouses, Amble and Newbiggen (1998)
BL Boulogne France Many fishing boats use the quays close to the town centre 
BL Bristol England  
BM Brixham England Fishing port, a major marina for pleasure boats, and a busy tourist area.
BN Boston England  
BO Borrowstoness Scotland Its actually pronounced Bo-ness. There are no fishing boats here
BOG Borgerende Germany  
BON Bongsiel Germany  
BOR Borkum Germany  
BOU Bouchoute Belgium  
BR Barreiro Portugal  
BR Bridgwater England  
BR Breskens Netherlands  
BR Brest France  
BRA Brake Germany  
BRD Broadford Skye, Scotland This is a tiny harbour with no fishing fleet. A few fishing boats can be found at Uig, Portree, Dunvegan and Kyleakin. Skye is no longer an island - there is a bridge to the mainland. (5/2001)
BRE Bremen Germany  
BRO Brokdorf Germany  
BRU Brunsbuttelkoog Germany  
BRU Bruinisse Netherlands  
BS Beaumaris Wales  
BU Bunschoten Netherlands  
BU Burntisland Scotland Another harbour with few fishing boats. There are a some small boats at nearby Kinghorn (2001)
BUR Burgstaaken Burhaversiel Germany  
BUS Busum Germany  
BV Bremen - Vegesack Germany  
BW Barrow England  
BX Bremerhaven Germany AbH for coatal fisheries and BX for distant water fisheries
BX Bordeaux France  
BZ Bergen op Zoom Netherlands  
C Caen France  
C Cork Ireland  
C Coxyde Belgium  
CA Cadiz Spain  
CA Cardigan Wales  
CAL Calais France see also CL
CAN Cancale France  
CC Concarneau France  
CE Coleraine Northern Ireland  
CF Cardiff Wales  
CG Callantsoog Netherlands  
CH Cherchell Algeria  
CH Cherbourg France  
CH Chester England  
CK Colchester England  
CL Calais France see also CAL
CL Carlisle England  
CLN Clinge Netherlands  
CM Camaret France  
CM Caminha Portugal  
CN Campbeltown Scotland Medium size harbour with fishing boats
CN Cimbrishamn Sweden  
CO Caernarfon Wales  
CO Coruna Spain  
CO Coursuelles France  
CP Castellon Spain  
CP Colijnsplaat Netherlands  
CS Cascais Portugal  
CS Cowes England  
CT Trouville France  
CT Cartagena Spain  
CT Castletown Isle of Man  
CU Ceuta Spanish North Africa  
CUX Cuxhaven Germany CUX for local and NC for distant water
CY Castlebay Scotland Harbour on the island of Barra in the Western Islands
CZ Cadzand Netherlands  
D Doel Belgium  
D Dunkirk France  
D Dublin Ireland  
DA Dala Syssel Iceland  
DA Drogheda Ireland  
DAG Dagebull Germany  
DAH Dahme Germany  
DAN Dangast Germany  
DAR Darlowo Poland  
DD Dordrecht Netherlands  
DE Dundee Scotland When Herman Melville wrote "Moby Dick", Dundee was a major whaling port. Now there is no fishing of any importance, but boats in the small harbours around the Firth of Tay use the DE registration letters (2003) style='font-size:
DED Dedesdorf Germany  
DH Dartmouth England  
DI Dieppe France  
DIN Dinant France  
DIT Ditzum Germany  
DK Dundalk Ireland  
DK Dunkirk France  
DO Douglas Isle of Man  
DOR Dorum Germany  
DP Dieppe France  
DR Dover England  
DRA Drage Germany  
DRE Oehe-Drecht Germany  
DS Dumfries Scotland There is no fishing fleet in Dumfries - it is too far upriver. Boats operate from Kirkcudbright and Isle of Whithorn (despite the name, the Isle of Whithorn is a mainland town, not an island)
DV Deventer Netherlands  
DW Doniawestal Netherlands  
DZ Delfzijl Netherlands  
DZ Douarnenez France  
DZI Dziwnow Poland  
E Ericeira Portugal  
E Esbjerg Denmark  
E Exeter England  
EA Eysafjord Iceland  
EB Elburg Netherlands  
ECKE Eckernforde Germany  
EE Eenrum Netherlands  
EG Egmond aan Zee Netherlands  
EH Enkhuizen Netherlands  
EL Etel France  
ELM Elmhorn Germany  
ELS Elsfleth Germany  
EMD Emden Germany  
ER Ericeira Portugal  
ES Esposende Portugal  
EWD Ellewoutsdijk Netherlands  
EZ Ezinge Netherlands  
F Fano Denmark  
F Faversham England  
F Fecamp France  
F Finnmark Norway  
F   Malta F = "Full time" fishing boat MF and PTF = "Part time" fishing boat
FAL Falshoft Germany  
FD Fleetwood England Best place to view the fishing boats is from the promenade at the mouth of the river as they arrive and depart
FD Fuglefjord Faeroe Islands  
FE Ferrol Spain  
FE Folkestone England See this reference
FED Fedderwardersiel Germany  
FF Figueria da Foz Portugal  
FG Falkenberg Sweden  
FH Falmouth England  
FL Finsterwolde Denmark  
FLE Flensburg Germany  
FN Frederikshaven Denmark  
FN Franeker Netherlands  
FN Funchal Madeira, Portugal  
FR Faro Portugal  
FR Fraserburgh Scotland Major fishing port. Lots to see around the harbour. Good photo opportunities. There are harbours in the small villages of Sandhaven, Rosehearty, Pennan and Gardenstown, situated between Fraserburgh and Macduff. Access to Pennan and Gardenstown is by a precipitous, narrow, winding road.(2003)
FRI Friedrichskoog Friedrichsort Germany  
FY Fowey England  
FZ Fuzeta Portugal  
G Galway Ireland  
G Granville France  
GA Gaasterland Netherlands  
GC Gran Canaria Spain Like Tenerife, it is worth hiring a car to get to the small ports and beaches to find the local fishing boats (September 1983)
GD Gravendeel Netherlands  
GDA Gdansk Poland  
GDY Gdynia Poland  
GE Gefle Sweden  
GE Goole England  
GEV Geversdorf Germany  
GG Geertruidenberg Netherlands  
GG Goteborg Sweden  
GH Grangemouth Scotland Major port and oil refinery in the Firth of Forth. There is no local fishing, and except for occasional repair work there are no fishing boats to be seen here
GI Gijon Spain  
GK Greenock Scotland Industrial town and commercial harbour. There are no fishing boats based here
GK Grindavik Iceland  
GLU Gluckstadt Germany  
GM Genemuiden Netherlands  
GN Granton Scotland Used to be a fishing port, but is now part of the City of Edinburgh and the harbour is a marina for pleasure craft. There are a few small fishing boats at nearby Newhaven (2003)
GO Goedereede Netherlands  
GOE Goes Netherlands  
GOT Gothmund Germany  
GR Gloucester England  
GRA Grauw Netherlands  
GRA Gravelines France  
GRE Greetsiel Germany  
GRO Grossenbrode Germany  
GRÖ Gromitz Germany  
GRO Groningen Netherlands  
GS Gasselte Netherlands  
GT Grafhorst Netherlands  
GU   Guernsay  
GV Guilvinee France  
GW Glasgow Scotland Only a few boats use the GW registration and none operate from within the City boundaries. Glasgow used to be a major port and shipbuilding centre but it never had a fishing fleet. (2000)
GY Grimsby England  
H Helsingor Denmark  
H Heyst Belgium  
H Hordaland Norway  
H Hull England  
H Unknown Portugal  
HA Haparanda Sweden  
HA Harlingen Netherlands  
HAF Haffkrug Germany  
HAL Halsteren Netherlands  
HAR Harlesiel Germany  
HAS Audeich/Kreuzdeich Germany  
HAS Hasselt Netherlands  
HAT Hatzum Germany  
HB Het Bildt Netherlands  
HBK Hamburg - Kleinfahrzeuge Germany  
HC Cuxhaven Germany  
HD Halmstad Sweden  
HD Den Helder Netherlands  
HE Hayle England  
HEI Heikendorf Germany  
HEIL Heiligenhaven Germany  
HEL Helgoland Germany  
HEL Hel Poland  
HEN Hennstedt Horst Germany  
HF Hamburg - Finkenwerder Germany  
HG Helsingborg Sweden  
HG Hjoring Denmark  
HH Hamburg Germany  
HH Harwich England  
HI Hindelopen Netherlands  
HK Holbaek Denmark  
HK Harderwijk Netherlands  
HL Hemellumer Netherlands  
HL Hartlepool England  
HL Hudiksvall Sweden  
HN Hoorn Netherlands  
HND Hornosand Sweden  
HO Honfleur France  
HO Hoogeveen Netherlands  
HOE Hoedekenskerke Netherlands  
HOH Hohwcht Germany  
HOK Hoek Netherlands  
HON Hontenisse Netherlands  
HOO Hooge Hooksiel Hoopte Germany  
HOR Horumersiel Germany  
HÖR Hornum Germany  
HP Hoofdplaat Netherlands  
HR Herkingen Netherlands  
HS Haamstede Netherlands  
HT Heenvliet Netherlands  
HT Horta Portugal  
HU Huelva Spain  
HU Hunavatn Iceland  
HUB Hubertsberg Germany  
HUS Husum Germany  
HV Hellevoetsluis Netherlands  
HV Hadersley Denmark  
HVH Hoek van Holland Netherlands  
HVL Hoogvliet Netherlands  
HW Hoogwoud Netherlands  
HZ Huizen Netherlands  
I Isigny France  
IB Ibiza Spain Many beaches and harbours with small boats (1984)
IE Irvine Scotland  
IH Ipswich England  
IL Ilpendam Netherlands  
IJM Ijmuiden Netherlands  
INS Inverness Scotland There is no fishing fleet here, but many boats working from Scottish east coast ports use the INS registration letters. (2002)
IO Isle d'Oleron France  
IS Isafjordur Iceland  
J   Jersey  
JAS Jastarnia Poland  
JEM Jemgum Germany  
K Kieldrecht Belgium  
K Kirkwall Orkney Islands Scotland Only a few fishing boats are based in Kirkwall. Small fishing boats can be found in the many harbours around the Orkney Islands, but most of the big trawlers land their catches in the Scottish mainland ports of Scrabster, Wick, Fraserburgh and Peterhead. (1998)
K Kopenhagen Denmark  
KA Karlskrona Sweden  
KAP Kappeln Germany  
KAS Kasenort Germany  
KB Krabbendijke Netherlands  
KD Kristianstad Sweden  
KD Kattendijke Netherlands  
KE Koege Denmark  
KE Keflavik Iceland  
KE Kerkwerve Netherlands  
KEL Kellenhusen Germany  
KET Ketelsby Germany  
KG Klaksvig Faeroe Islands  
KH Kolhorn Netherlands  
KIE Kiel Germany  
KK Koudekerke Netherlands  
KL Klundert Netherlands  
KN Karlshamn Sweden  
KN Kruiningen Netherlands  
KNO Knork Germany  
KO Koog aan der Zaan Netherlands  
KOL Kolberg Germany  
KOL Kolobrzeg Poland  
KP Kampen Netherlands  
KR Kalmar Sweden  
KR Korsor Denmark  
KRA Krakstorf Germany  
KRO Kronsgaard Germany  
KU Kuinre Netherlands  
KW Katwijk Netherlands  
KY Kirkcaldy Scotland No local fishing fleet - the boats are further along the coast at the harbours of Crail, Anstruther, Pittenweem and St. Monans. The Scottish Fisheries Museum at Anstruther is worth a visit (2002)
L Lannion France  
L Lemvig Denmark  
L Limerick Ireland  
L Lisbon Portugal  
LA Landskrona Sweden  
LA La Rochelle France  
LA Llanelli Wales  
LA Lulea Sweden  
LAB Laboe Germany  
LAN Langeness Germany  
LANG Langholz Germany  
LBB Leerort Germany  
LE Finkenwarder Germany  
LE Leixoes Portugal  
LE Lemsterland Netherlands  
LEB Leba Poland  
LEE Leer Germany  
LEM Lemkenhafen Germany  
LF Altenwerder Germany  
LG Lagos Portugal  
LH Le Havre France  
LH Leith Scotland This is the port for the City of Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland, but there are no fishing boats here - they are all in the harbours of Musselburgh, Cockenzie, Port Seaton, North Berwick and Dunbar along the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, and the North Sea harbours of St. Abbs and Eyemouth (2002)
LI Littlehampton England  
LIP Lippe Germany  
LIST List auf Sylt Germany  
LK Lerwick Shetland Islands Scotland The main harbours are in Lerwick and nearby Scalloway, but there are many small harbours and moorings all round the islands. You need a car to get around. There are excellent and frequent inter island ferry services. Allow for flexible planning if visiting - gale force winds are common and weather conditions can stop air and ferry services at short notice. (1994)
LK Lubeck Germany  
LL Liverpool England  
LL Lysekil Sweden  
LM Landsmeer Netherlands  
LN Lokken Denmark  
LN Kings Lynn England  
LNG Linkoping Sweden  
LO London England No fishing fleet operates from the Capital of England, although a few boats based in the South of England region use the LO letters (2000)
LO Lorient France  
LOG Loga Germany  
LP Lajes, Pico Portugal  
LP Loppersum Netherlands  
LR Lancaster England  
LS Leens Netherlands  
LS Sables d'Olonne France  
LT Lowestoft England  
LUN Nesserdeich - Wollersum Germany  
LW Leewarden Netherlands  
LX Lisbon Portugal  
LY Londonderry Northern Ireland  
M Middelkerke Belgium  
M Marstal Denmark  
M Milford Haven Wales  
M Melilla Spain  
M Mor og Romsdal Norway  
M Murmansk Russia  
MA Malaga Spain  
MA Maassluis Netherlands  
MA Marseilles France  
MAA Maasholm Germany  
MD Marstrand Sweden  
ME Medemblik Netherlands  
ME Montrose Scotland Not many fishing boats, and it can be difficult to get a good position for photographs. It is worth looking at the small harbours of Johnshaven, Gourdon, and Stonehaven, all on the main road north between Montrose and Aberdeen (2002)
MEL Meldorf Germany  
MF   Malta MF and PTF = "Part time" fishing boat F = "Full time" fishing boat
MG Middelburg Netherlands  
MH Menorca Spain  
MH Middlesborough England Small boats operate from the beaches all along this part of the East coast of England, not from harbours, and are launched and recovered by tractors with trailers
MK Marken Netherlands  
ML Maasland Netherlands  
ML Methil Scotland This harbour is hardly used by fishing boats
MLL Melilla Spanish North Africa  
MM Mom Sweden  
MN Maldon England  
MN Marennes France  
MO Malmo Sweden  
MO Monnikendam Netherlands  
MP Meppel Netherlands  
MR Manchester England Big city in middle of England with a canal to the sea. You could grow old trying to find any fishing boats here
MT Martigues France  
MT Maryport England  
MT Middlefart Denmark  
MU Muiden Netherlands  
MUN Munkmarsch-Sylt Germany  
MX Morlaix France  
N Nakskov Denmark  
N Nazare Portugal Small boats launch direct from the beach but there is also a modern harbour just outside the town (1984)
N Newport Wales  
N Newry Northern Ireland  
N Nieuwpoort Belgium  
N Nordland Norway  
NA Nantes France  
NB Emden Germany  
NB Nieuw Beierland Netherlands  
NC Cuxhaven Germany CUX for local and NC for distant water
ND Nieuwe Niedorp Netherlands  
NE Newcastle England  
NES Nessmersiel Germany  
NEU Neufeld Neuharlingersiel Neuhaus/Oste Germany  
NEUK Neukirchen Germany  
NF Nykjobing Denmark  
NG Ditzum/Emden Germany  
NG Nyborg Denmark  
NG Nykoping Sweden  
NI Nice France  
NI Nieuwendam Netherlands  
NIE Niendort Germany  
NK Neskaupstadur Iceland  
NK Nijkerk Netherlands  
NKG Norrkoping Sweden  
NN Newhaven England  
NO Noirmoutier France  
NOR Norddeich Germany  
NS New Ross Ireland  
NS Seydisfjordur Iceland  
NT Nord-Trondelag Norway  
NTO Nieuwe Tonge Netherlands  
NV Nieuw Vossemeer Netherlands  
NW Noordwijk Netherlands  
NZ Nazare Portugal  
NZ Terneuzen Netherlands  
O Odense Denmark  
O Olhao Portugal  
O Oslo Norway  
O Ostende Belgium  
Ø Ostfold Norway  
OB Oban Scotland Important ferry terminal for the Scottish Islands. Used by a number of fishing boats, but not a major fishing harbour - most of the boats use the remote port of Mallaig
OB Brake Germany  
OD Ouddrop Netherlands  
OD Oost Duinkerke Belgium  
OBD Oudenbosch Netherlands  
OE Elsfleth Germany  
OF Olafsfuordu Iceland  
OH Oosthuizen Netherlands  
OK Ouwerkerk Netherlands  
OK Ornskoldsvik Sweden  
OL Olhao Portugal  
OL Oostdongeradel Netherlands  
OLA Hallig Germany  
OLD Oldersum Germany  
OLP Olpenitz Germany  
ON Oskarshamn Sweden  
ON Nordenham Germany  
OO Oosterland Netherlands  
OO Oldenburg Germany  
OR Wilhelmshaven Germany  
ORD Ording Germany  
ORT Orth Germany  
OS Ossenisse Netherlands  
OTT Otterndorf Germany  
OV Oud Vossemeer Netherlands  
OV Varel Germany  
OW Wangeroog Germany  
OWS O & W Souburg Netherlands  
OX Bexen Germany  
OZ Oostzaan Netherlands  
P Paimpol France  
P La Panne Belgium  
P Portsmouth England  
PA Pitea Sweden  
PAP Papenburg Germany  
PC Cranz an der Elbe Germany  
PD Peterhead Scotland Biggest and most important fish landing port in Scotland. Large numbers of fishing boats both based here and visiting to land catches. Lots of good photo opportunities. (July 2003)
PD Ponta Delgada Portugal  
PE Peniche Portugal  
PE Poole England Small but busy fishing harbour. There is a good general view of the boats, but photography is a little difficult as boats are moored at marina type floating walkways, and access is through a locked security gate (June 2003)
PEH Perth Scotland Historically, Perth aspired to be a port city, but it is so far upriver that it was never economic to base fishing boats here.
PEL Pellworm Germany  
PET Petkum Germany  
PG Geestemunde Germany  
PGW Port Glasgow Scotland See comments about Greenock. These two towns have merged as they expanded. Like Greenock, there is no longer any fishing fleet here
PH Plymouth England  
PI Philippine Netherlands  
PL Paimpol France  
PL Peel Isle of Man  
PM Mallorca Spain Palma de Mallorca still retains some fishing vessels, but is primarily commercial with significant yachting interests.
PM Portimao Portugal Big fishing harbour and many boats (1983)
PM Purmerend Netherlands  
PN Preston England  
POG Pogum Germany  
PR Pernis Netherlands  
PS Porto Santo Portugal  
PS Sint Philipsind Netherlands  
PT Douro Portugal  
PT Port Talbot Wales  
PTF   Malta MF and PTF = "Part time" fishing boat F = "Full time" fishing boat
PU Putten Netherlands  
PV Poortvliet Netherlands  
PV Port Vendres France  
PV Povoa de Varzim Portugal  
PW Padstow England  
PZ Penzance England  
Q Quarteira Portugal Many small boats use the beach here (1983)
QT Quarteira Portugal  
R Ramsgate England  
R Ribe Denmark  
R Rogaland Norway  
R Rostock Germany  
R Rouen France  
RA Rangarvalla Iceland  
RAD Radeland Germany  
RAN Rantum - Sylt Germany  
RD Ransdorp Netherlands  
RE Region Ecuatorial Spain Historic marks only. Territorial changes mean they are no longer valid
RE Regua Portugal  
RE Reykjavik Iceland  
RG Ribeira Grande Portugal  
RI Ringkobing Denmark  
RL Rilland Netherlands  
RN Runcorn England  
RO Ronne Denmark  
RO Rotterdam Netherlands  
RO Rothesay Scotland Only a few fishing boats are based here
ROD Rodenkirchen Germany  
ROS Rostock Germany  
RP de Rijp Netherlands  
RR Rochester England  
RU Rudkjobing Denmark  
RUG Rugennealder Munde Germany  
RX Rye England  
RY Ramsey Isle of Man  
RY Rannsby Sweden  
RYS Rysum Germany  
S Skagen Denmark  
S Skibbereen Ireland  
SA Amrum Germany  
SA Sagres Portugal  
SA Sandfor Sando-Syssel Iceland  
SA Skelleftea Sweden  
SA Swansea Wales  
SAL Sint Annaland Netherlands  
SAS Sassnitz Germany  
SB Svaneke Denmark  
SB Burgstaaken Germany  
SB Sodertelje Sweden  
SB Sesimbra Portugal  
SB St. Brieuc France  
SC Busum Germany  
SC Scilly Islands England  
SCH Scheveningen Netherlands  
SCHL Schlutersiel Germany  
SCHLE Schleswig Germany  
SCHLU Schlutup Germany  
SCHÖN Schonberger Strand Germany  
SD Altona Germany  
SD Friedrichskoog Germany  
SD Stromstad Sweden  
SD Sunderland England  
SDM Schiedam Netherlands  
SE Elmshorn Seester Germany  
SE Salcombe England There is no harbour - boats lie at anchor in the estuary, and this can make photography difficult. The estuary is used by many pleasure craft, but there are only a few small fishing boats. Access to the shore by car is difficult during the summer tourist season - the streets are very narrow and congested and there is limited parking. (May 2000)
SE Setubal Portugal  
SE Sevilla Spain  
SE Sodertetje Sweden  
SE Svaneke Denmark  
SEE Seestermuhe Germany  
SF Santa Cruz, Flores Portugal  
SF Skaptafells Iceland  
SF Sogn og Fjordane Norway  
SG Santa Cruz, Graciosa Portugal  
SG Gluckstad Germany  
SG Solveborg Sweden  
SG Svendborg Denmark  
SH Husum Heiligenhaven Germany  
SH Scarborough England Good sized fishing harbour with a variety of fishing boat types. It is also a holiday resort, and in summer the harbour area has congested access and full car parks. Nearby Bridlington is similar
SH Olafsvik Grundarfjordur Stykkisholmur Iceland  
SH Schellinkhout Netherlands  
SI Sidi Ifni Spanish Morocco Historic marks only. Territorial changes mean they are no longer valid
SI Scherpenisse Netherlands  
SI Siglufjordur Iceland  
SIE Sierksdorf Germany  
SK Keitum Kiel Germany  
SK Skagefjord Iceland  
SL Stellendam Netherlands  
SL Sundsvall Sweden  
SL Travemunde Germany  
SLO Sloten Friesland Netherlands  
SM Muhlenberg Maasholm Germany  
SM Sao Martinho do Porto Portugal  
SM Shoreham England  
SM Soderhamn Sweden  
SM St. Malo France  
SM Stockholm Sweden  
SMA Smallingerland Netherlands  
SMD St. Maartensdijk Netherlands  
SMH St. Margarets Hope Orkney Islands Scotland Small village, and only a few small boats. Most boats on Orkney use the K for Kirkwall registration (1998)
SMI Smilde Netherlands  
SN North Shields England Small but busy fishing harbour
SN St. Nazare France  
SN Schleswig Neustadt Germany  
SN Soderhamn Sweden  
SN Sines Portugal  
SNE Sneek Netherlands  
SO Sonderborg Denmark  
SO Schleswig Niendorf Germany  
SO Sligo Ireland  
SP Pellworm Germany  
SP Spaarndam Netherlands  
SPI Spieka Germany  
SR Kirkeby auf Rom Eckernforde Germany  
SR Sao Roque, Pico Portugal  
SR Stranraer Scotland  
SRN Schermernorn Netherlands  
SS St. Ives England  
SS San Sebastian Spain  
SS Wedel-Schulau Germany  
SSS South Shields England  
ST Stranda Syssel Iceland  
ST Santander Spain  
ST Sete France  
ST Sor-Trondelag Norway  
ST Stavoren Netherlands  
ST Stockton England  
ST Schleswig Tonning Germany  
STA Stade Germany  
STEI Stein Steinberghaff Germany  
STL Schoterland Netherlands  
STO Stolpemunde Germany  
STO Stoppeldijk Netherlands  
STRA Strande Germany  
STRU Strukkamp Germany  
St.B St. Brieue France  
St.VC St. Valery en Caux France  
St.VSS St Valery sur Somme France See also SVSS
SU Schleswig Husum Germany  
SU Southampton England  
SU Sudurmula Iceland  
SV Schleswig Hornum Germany  
SV Stavenisse Netherlands  
SVG Sas van Gent Netherlands  
SVSS St Valery sur Somme France See also St.VSS
SW Wyk auf Fohr Germany  
SWI Swinoujscie Poland  
SY Stornoway Western Islands Scotland Most of the fishing fleet can be seen in the town of Stornoway. A few boats can be found in the small harbours all round these sparsely populated islands. A car is essential to get round these other harbours. (6/1998)
SY Teufelsbruk Germany  
SX Schleswig Helgoland Germany  
SZN Szczecin Poland  
T Tavira Portugal  
T Thistead Denmark  
T Tralee Ireland  
T Troms Norway  
TA Tarragona Spain  
TB Ten Boer Netherlands  
TD Tietjerksteradeel Netherlands  
TE Tenerife Spain Lots of small boats in out of the way harbours and on beaches. Best to hire a car to get round the island to see them all. Some boats use the letters TF. It is not known if this is officially sanctioned or simply local practice. (7/1986)
TER Terborg Germany  
TG Trangisvaag Faero Islands  
TG Trelleborg Sweden  
TH Teignmouth England There are a few small fishing boats here, and photo opportunities are reasonable, although some boats moor in the estuary. (May 2000)
TH Thingo Syssel Iceland  
TH Tholen Netherlands  
TIM Timmerdorfer Strand Germany  
TK Telemark Norway  
TL Toulon France  
TM Termunten Netherlands  
TN Thorshavn Faeroe Islands  
TN Torshavn Denmark  
TN Troon Scotland This is the main harbour and fish market for boats in the Firth of Clyde
TO Truro England  
TOL Tolkmicko Poland  
TÖN Tonning Germany  
TR Tonder Denmark  
TR Trafaria Portugal  
TR Trouville France  
TRA Travemunde Germany  
TS Terschelling Netherlands  
TT Tarbert Scotland  
TV Tavira Portugal  
TX Texel Netherlands  
U Umea Sweden  
UA Uddevalla Sweden  
UBT Uetersen Germany  
UD Utingeradeel Netherlands  
UEK Uekermunde Germany  
UK Urk Netherlands  
UL Ullapool Scotland The home of a small fishing fleet and the ferry terminal for the Western Islands, surrounded by spectacular scenery. Photography can be a little difficult as most views of the boats are looking into the sun. It is worth going further north to see the modern harbours at Lochinver and Kinlochbervie. (2001)
UM Umea Sweden  
UPA Upsala Sweden  
UST Ustka Poland  
UQ Usquert Netherlands  
V Varde Denmark  
V Veen Netherlands  
V Vestfold Norway  
VA Sandevaag Faeroe Islands  
VA Valencia Spain  
VA Vannes France  
VA Vest - Agder Norway  
VAR Varel Germany  
VC Sahara Espanol Spain Historic marks only. Territorial changes mean they are no longer valid
VC Vila do Conde Portugal  
VD Volendam Netherlands  
VE Vejle Denmark  
VE Veere Netherlands  
VE Velas, S. Jorge Portugal  
VE Vestmannaeyjar Iceland  
VF Vila Franca do Campo Portugal  
VH Venhuizen Netherlands  
VI Viana do Castelo Portugal  
VI Vigo Spain  
VILL Villagarcia Spain  
VK Vostervik Sweden  
VL Vlaardingen Netherlands  
VLI Vlissingen Netherlands  
VN Vestmanhaven Faeroe Islands  
VN Vollenhove Netherlands  
VP Vila do Porto Portugal  
VR Villa Real de Santo Antonio  Portugal  
VS Visby Sweden  
VV Vila Praia da Vitoria Portugal  
VX Vila Franca de Xira Portugal  
W Waterford Ireland  
WA Whitehaven England  
WACK Wackerballigau Germany  
WAN Wanneperveen Netherlands  
WAR Warder Netherlands  
WB Wijmbritseradeel Netherlands  
WD Wexford Ireland  
WDN Wijdenes Netherlands  
WES Westeraccumersiel Germany  
WF Werveshoof Netherlands  
WFD Wolfartskijk Netherlands  
WG Warberg Sweden  
WH Weymouth England  
WI Wisbech England  
WIL Wilhelmshaven Germany  
WIN Winkel Netherlands  
WIS Wischhaven Wismar Germany  
WK Wick Scotland Large harbour, but only a small number of boats based here. Boats attempting the narrow harbour entrance in rough weather can frighten the spectators as much as the crew. To see more fishing boats go about 50Km north to Scrabster (Thurso) - this is the ferry terminal for Orkney and a busy fishing port. (2003)
WK Workum Netherlands  
WL Westdongeradeel Netherlands  
WLA Wladyslowowo Poland  
WM Willemstad Netherlands  
WMD Wemeldinge Netherlands  
WMH Warmenhuizen Netherlands  
WN Wigtown Scotland  
WO Workington England  
WOE Woensdrecht Netherlands  
WON Wonseradeel Netherlands  
WR Wieringen Netherlands  
WRE Wremen Germany  
WRW Wieringerwaard Netherlands  
WS Wells England  
WSW Westerschouwen Netherlands  
WT Westport Ireland  
WU Wilsum Netherlands  
WULF Wulfen Germany  
WV Wildervank Netherlands  
WW Weststellingwerf Netherlands  
WY Whitby England Important fishing harbour with varied types of boats. Also a holiday resort - like its neighbour Scarborough, the town centre and harbour area can be congested in the summer (August 1998)
WYK Wyk auf Fohr Germany  
Y Youghal Ireland  
YD Ystad Sweden  
YE Yerseke Netherlands  
YE Isle D'Yeu France  
YH Yarmouth England alt. sp. Yaremouth
YT Yist Netherlands  
YM Ymuiden Netherlands  
Z Zeebrugge Belgium  
ZA Zaabdam Netherlands  
ZD Zuidwolde Netherlands  
ZE Zwolle Netherlands  
ZIJ Zijpe Netherlands  
ZK Zoutkamp Netherlands  
ZL Zwaluwe Netherlands  
ZO Zoutelande Netherlands  
ZS Zwartsluis Netherlands  
ZU Zuid Scharwoude Netherlands  
ZV Zandvoort Netherlands  
ZVC Zalk en Veecaten Netherlands  
ZW Zwartewaal Netherlands  
ZZ Zierikzee Netherlands  
5 Unknown  Morocco  
6 Casablanca Morocco  


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