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Matthew Henry Scott

Matthew Henry Scott was promoted to Lieutenant 1 Dec 1787.

On April 4, 1794 (the day that St. Lucia surrendered) while serving under Admiral Jervis in the campaign against the French West Indies Scott was promoted to Captain and given command of the frigate Rose, 28 guns. After action in the Saintes (group of small Islands just South of Guadeloupe), Scott wrecked the Rose on Rocky Point, Jamaica, June 28.

That might have been the effective end of his naval career, but the automatic progression of promotions continued as:

Rear Admiral of the Blue 12 Aug 1812
Rear Admiral of the Red 4 June 1814
Vice Admiral of the Blue 12 Aug 1819
Vice Admiral of the White 27 May 1825
Vice Admiral of the Red 22 Jul 1830

He died in 1836.

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[1] There was also a Chaplain, the Reverend Alexander Scott who served with Nelson for several years and attended him as he died at Trafalgar (referred to by Nelson as "Doctor Scott" to differentiate him from the Scott in Note 2.)
[2]There was also a John Scott, Nelson's secretary, killed during the early stages of the engagement at Trafalgar by a round shot whilst in conversation with Captain Hardy.



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