Canadian WWII Merchant Ship Losses

This page contains lists of Canadian Merchant Ships which were lost in conflict between 1939 and 1945. This information is ad pted from a paper written by Robert C. Fisher, for the Department of National Defence History Division, dated June 1993.

Ships with names ending in DOC, such as PORTADOC and SORELDOC, are former lakers owned by Paterson Steamships. They are named after towns and cities on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway; The DOC part of the name signifies "Dominion Of Canada."

Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Lost by Enemy Action

Date Ship Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
15 Jun Erik Boye (HX-48) Torpedoed by U-38 2,238 Off Land's End 50°37N 08°44W
5 Jul Magog (HX-52) Torpedoed and Shelled by U-99 2,053 Off Ireland 50°31N 11°05W
10 Jul Waterloo Bombed by German aircraft 1,905 North Sea 52°53N 02°19E
22 Aug Thorold Bombed by German aircraft 1,689 Irish Sea 51°46N 05°38W
15 Sep Kenordoc (SC-3) Most likely shelled by U-boat. (See Note 1) 1,780 North Atlantic 57°42N 15°02W
12 Oct St. Malo (HX-77) Torpedoed by U-boat 5,779 North Atlantic 57°58N 16°32W
16 Oct Trevisa (SC-7) Torpedoed by U-124 1,813 North Atlantic 57°28N 20°30W
6 Feb Maplecourt (SC-20) Torpedoed by U-107 3,388 North Atlantic 55°39N 15°56W
21 Feb Canadian Cruiser Sunk by raider (Admiral Scheer) 7,178 Indian Ocean 06°36S 47°18E
22 Feb A.D. Huff Sunk by raider (Gneisenau) 6,219 North Atlantic 47°12N 40°13W
17 Mar J.B. White (HX-112) Torpedoed by U-99 7,375 North Atlantic 60°57N 12°27W
25 Mar Canadolite Captured by raider (Kormoran). Sunk by RAF in 1944 11,309 Mid-Atlantic 02°30N 23°48W
7 Apr Portadoc Torpedoed by U-124 1,746 Off Sierra Leone 07°17N 16°53W
3 May Europa Bombed by German aircraft 10,224 Liverpool! UK (No coordinates)
13 July Collingdoc* Mined. Salvaged and then sunk as a blockship. 1,780 Thames River, UK (No coordinates)
15 Oct Vancouver Island Torpedoed by U-558 9,472 North Atlantic 53°37N 25°37W
25 Nov Proteus Cause unknown, Sabotage suspected. (Note 1) 10,653 Caribbean Sea (unknown)
12 Dec Nereus Cause unknown, Sabotage suspected. (See Note 1) 10,647 Caribbean Sea (unknown)
12 Dec Shinai Seized by Japanese Forces 2,410 North Borneo (No coordinates)
19 Jan Lady Hawkins Torpedoed by U-66 7,988 Off North Carolina 35°OON 72°30W
4 Feb Montrolite Torpedoed by U-109 11,309 Northeast of Bermuda 35°14N 60°05W
5 Feb Empress of Asia Bombed by Japanese aircraft 16,909 Singapore (No coordinates)
10 Feb Victolite Torpedoed by U-564 11,410 Northwest of Bermuda 36°12N 67°14W
22 Feb George L. Torian Torpedoed by U-129 1,754 Off Guyana 09°13N 59°04W
23 Feb Lennox Torpedoed by U-129 1,904 Off Guyana 09°15N 58°30W
15 Mar Sarniadoc Torpedoed by U-161 1,940 Caribbean Sea 15°45N 65°00W
1 Apr Robert W. Pomeroy Mined off Cromer, England 1,750 North Sea 53°10N 01°10E
20 Apr Vineland Torpedoed by U-154 5,587 Caribbean Sea 23°05N 72°20W
1 May James E. Newsom Shelled by U-69 671 Northeast of Bermuda 35°SON 59°40W
5 May Lady Drake Torpedoed by U-106 7,985 North of Bermuda 35°43N 64°43N
7 May Mildred Pauline Shelled by U-136 300 Off Nova Scotia (No coordinates)
8 May Mont Louis Torpedoed by U-162 1,905 Off Guyana 08°23N 58°44W
9 May Calgarolite Torpedoed and SheIled by U-125 11,941 Caribbean Sea 19°24N 82°30W
21 May Torondoc Torpedoed by U-69 1,927 Caribbean Sea 14°45N 62°15W
21 May Troisdoc Torpedoed by U-558 1,925 Caribbean Sea 18°15N 79°20W
22 May Frank B. Baird Shelled by U-158 1,748 Southeast of Bermuda 28°03N 58°50W
30 May Liverpool Packet Torpedoed by U-432 1,188 Off Nova Scotia 43°20N 66°20W
28 Jun Mona Marie Shelled by U-126 126 Caribbean Sea 12°22N 60°10W
25 Jul Lucille M. Shelled by U-89 54 Off Nova Scotia 42°02N 65°38W
29 Jul Prescodoc Torpedoed by U-160 1,938 Of f Guyana 08°50N 59°05W
17 Aug Princess Marguerite Torpedoed by U-83 5,875 Mediterranean Sea 32°03N 32°47E
3 Sep Donald Stewart Torpedoed by U-517 1,781 Belle Isle Strait 50°32N 58°46W
5 Sep Lord St rathcona Torpedoed by U-513 7,335 Wabana, Nfld. 47°35N 52°59W
6 Sep John A. Holloway Torpedoed by U-164 1,745 Caribbean Sea 14°10N 71°30W
7 Sep Oakton (Q533) Torpedoed by U-517 1,727 Gulf of St. Lawrence 48°50 63°46W
18 Sep Norfolk Torpedoed by U-175 1,901 Off Guyana 08°36N 59°20W
9 Oct Carolus Torpedoed by U-69 2,375 Gulf of St. Lawrence 48°47N 68°10W
29 Oct Bic Island (HX-212) Torpedoed by U-624 4,000 North Atlantic 55°05N 23°27W
2 Nov Rose Castle Torpedoed by U-518 7,803 Off Newfoundland 47°36N 52°58W
3 Nov Chr. J. Kampmann (TAG-18) Torpedoed by U-160 2,260 Caribbean Sea 12°06N 62°42W
19 May Angelus Shelled by U-161 255 North of Bermuda 38°40N 64°00W
6 Jul Jasper Park Torpedoed by U-177 7,129 Indian Ocean 32°52S 42°15E
22 Mar Watuka Torpedoed by U-802 1,621 Off Nova Scotia 44°30N 62°51W
18 Jun Albert C. Field Torpedoed by German aircraft 1,764 English Channel 50°28N 01°46W
3 Dec Cornwallis Torpedoed by U-1230 5,458 Gulf of Maine 43°59N 68°20W
23 Feb Point Pleasant Park Torpedoed by U-510 7,136 Off South Africa 29°42S 09°58E
13 Mar Taber Park (FS-1753) Most likely torpedoed by midget submarine. (See Note 1) 2,878 North Sea 52°22N 01°53E
7 May Avondale Park Torpedoed by U-2336 2,878 Firth Of Forth 56°10N 02°32W

Note 1: The cause of loss of these merchant ships has not been established beyond doubt.

Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Lost by Other Causes

Date Ship Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
6 Dec Watkins F. Nisbet Ran ashore and wrecked. Later salved for scrap. 1,747 Bristol Channel (No coordinates)
5 Oct Mondoc Struck submerged object. 1,926 Caribbean Sea (No coordinates)
15 Jan R.J. Cullen Wrecked two miles off Barra Island, Outer Hebrides. 6,973 Sea of Hebrides (No coordinates)
1 Jan Hamildoc Foundered in heavy seas. Declared a total loss. 1,926 Off Guyana (En route to Trinidad).

Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Severely Damaged

DateShip Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
16 Dec Bic Island (See Note 2) Bombed by German aircraft 4,000 North Atlantic 54°12N 17°45w
21 Dec Europa (See Note 2) Bombed by German aircraft 10,224 Liverpool (No coordinates)
10 Mar Lady Nelson Torpedoed by U-161 Salvaged and repaired 7,970 Port Castries, St.Lucia
11 Sep Cornwallis (See Note 2) Torpedoed by U-514 5,458 Caribbean Sea 13°05N 59°36w
4 Jan Nipawin Park (SH-194) Torpedoed by U-1232. The fore part of the ship sank, but the after part was salvaged. As a result, this vessel is not considered officially lost. 2,373 Off Nova Scotia 44°30N 63°00W
12 Apr Silver Star Park Collision and Fire. Hulk sold, repaired and renamed Santa Cecilia. 7,243 Off New York
3 May Green Hill Park Explosion and fire. Hulk sold, repaired and renamed Phaeax II. 7,168 Vancouver Harbour

Note 2 - These vessels were later lost by other enemy action.

Canadian-Owned (British Registered) Merchant Ship Losses

Date Ship Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
5 Feb Beaverburn (OA-84) Torpedoed by U-41 9,874 North Atlantic 49°20N 10°07W
28 Oct Empress of Britain Torpedoed by U-32 after being bombed by German aircraft 42,348 Off Ireland 55°16N 09°50W
5 Nov Beaverford (HX-84) Sunk by raider (Admiral Scheer) 10,042 North Atlantic 52°26N 32°34W
25 Mar Beaverbrae Bombed by German aircraft 9,956 North Atlantic 60°12N 09°00W
2 Apr Beaverdale Torpedoed and shelled by U-boat 9,957 North Atlantic 60°50N 29°19W
10 Oct Duchess of Atholl Torpedoed by U-178 20,119 South Atlantic 07°03S 11°1~2W
13 Mar Empress of Canada Torpedoed by Italian submarine Da Vinci 21,517 South Atlantic 01°13S 09°57W
11 Jul Duchess of York Bombed by German aircraft 20,021 North Atlantic 41°18N 15°24W
2 Dec Fort Athabasca Explosion of Ammunition ship bombed by aircraft 7,132 Bari Harbour, Italy (No coordinates)
25 Jan Fort Bellingham (JW-56A) Torpedoed by U-360 and 0°957 7,153 Barents Sea 73°25N 25°10E
15 Feb Fort St.Nicholas Torpedoed by U-410 7,154 Mediterranean Sea 40°34N 14°37E
19 May Fort Missanabie Torpedoed by U-435 7,147 Mediterranean Sea 38°20N 16°28E
24 Jun Fort Norfolk Mined off assault beaches, Normandy 7,131 English Channel (No coordinates)
15 Dec Fort Maisonneuve Mined, Scheldt Estuary 7,128 Holland (No coordinates)

All of the "Fort" ships were owned by the Canadian Government but registered in Britain. All of the others listed were owned by Canadian Pacific and registered in Britain.

Canadian-Owned (British Registered) Merchant Ships Severely Damaged

Date Ship Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
9 Nov Empress of Japan Bombed by German aircraft 26,032 North Atlantic 53°54N 14°28W
14 Mar Duchess of York Bombed by German aircraft 20,021 Off Cape Finisterre
14 May Fort Fidler Torpedoed by U-616 7,127 Mediterranean Sea 36°45N 00°55E
26 Jul Fort McPherson Struck by flying bomb while under repair from a previous bomb. 7,132 Victoria Dock London, England
18 Aug Fort Gloucester Torpedoed by German E-boat 7,127 English Channel

Select List of Merchant Ship Losses of Canadian Interest

Date Ship Name Cause of Loss Tonnage Position
2 Dec Montrose Torpedoed by U-99 16,402 North Atlantic 54°35N 18°18W
(Montrose was owned by Canadian Pacific and registered in Britain. She was converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser by the Royal Navy and renamed Forfar before she was lost.)
15 Jul Lady Somers Torpedoed by Italian submarine Morosini 8,194 North Atlantic 36°00N 21°00W
(Lady Somers was Canadian owned and registered but was requisitioned by the Admiralty and serving as an ocean boarding vessel when lost. As a result she is considered a Royal Navy warship loss.)
28 Feb Soreldoc Torpedoed by U-1302 1,926 English Channel 52°15N 05°35W
(Soreldoc had been Canadian-owned and registered until 1944. In that year she was apparently acquired by the US War Shipping Administration and became Panamanian-flag.)

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