Picton harbour

At the turn of the twentieth century, Picton harbour was used by a number of local ships for winter layup. These two images, one a photograph, the other a drawing, show some of the "regulars". While the years are not known with certainty (they date to around 1900), and given the difference in the ships' positions, they were not the same winter season.

Picton Harbour

[Above] – Some of the Hepburn fleet in Picton harbour. From left to right, the steamers Water Lily, Varuna and Alexandria. Click image to enlarge.



[Right] – A very early 1840's image of Picton harbour, looking west from Chimney Point. Click image to enlarge.

Picton Harbour

Picton Harbour

Picton harbour. From left to right, the steamer Geronia, the steamer Brockville (partly hidden), the Aletha of Kingston, the steamer barge Aberdeen (partly hidden) and the schooner Lyman Davis. The building behind the stern of the Geronia is the Cleveland Seed House, the tall chimney was that of the Electrical Power Plant (near where the present yacht club is situated. Click image to enlarge.


picton harbour

Picton harbour by O.C. Madden, from left to right, the steamer moored at the Hepburn wharf is the Aletha of Kingston, then the Geronia, with a smaller, unidentfied vessel alongside, and the schooner Lyman Davis. Click image to enlarge.


aletha and america

Picton harbour, looking south-east towards the Villeneuve Castle in the trees, with the steamers Aletha and the America. A log boom can be seen in the foreground. Photo circa 1910.



The steamer Aletha arriving in Picton harbour from a handcoloured postcard, undated but probably circa 1912. The "Notice" reads: "Passengers will please purchase their tickets at ticket office before going on board the steamer. By Order." Click image to enlarge.




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