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An RCN Officer's ceremonial sword

pullen's sword

Lieutenant, later RAdm, Pullen's sword Click for enlargement.

A few days after his thirty-first birthday, Lieutenant Hugh Francis Pullen was given the privilege of commanding the first mounting of a Royal Guard for the Sovereign in person by the Royal Canadian Navy.

This was at the unveiling of the Canadian Memorial of Vimy Ridge, on the 26th of July 1936, in the presence of His Majesty King Edward VIII and the President of France M. Albert LeBrun. Later, as a Captain, he recorded his memories of the occasion, including two photographs where this sword can be seen "entering into history."


pullen's sword

Serial number of Lt. Pullen's sword.

RAdm H.F. Pullen's sword that he wore (as a Lt.) in 1936 when he commanded the Royal Guard at the unveiling of the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge. It's a Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, number 37122, for J. Gieve and Son, Portsmouth, very late 19th century, that is inscribed with his name and that of (presumably the original owner) O.T. Hodgson, R.N.

The serial number of the sword is 37122, the maunufacturer's records state this item was a "Royal Navy Sword with Solid Guard", sold by The Wilkinson Sword Company on 13 November 1899 to Messrs. Gieves & Sons.

pullen's sword record

Wilkinson ledger.


See also a brief biography of RAdm Pullen, and his account of the 1936 ceremony for the Canadian Vimy Ridge Memorial.


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