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Shipping in Picton, start of 1911 season

Death of Capt. Collier

Picton, Feb. 13th - Capt. James Collier, for over half a century a ship builder and mariner, died Friday after a long illness, aged seventy-four. He was owner of the steamer Reindeer and in the early days of the excursion business from Toronto to Niagara he captained the steamers Picton and Empress of India. (British Whig, 13 Feb 1911)

A Fine New Steamer - The new steamer for the Ontario and Quebec Navigation company, Picton, being built at Picton, will cost $200,000. She will make sixteen miles an hour and carry 600 tons of freight. She will have 100 staterooms, sun parlor and smoking rooms. It is hoped to have her on her route by July 1st, from Rochester, N.Y. to Quebec. (British Whig, 13 Feb 1911) [Note: this is probably the Geronia, which was in fact built in Collingwood, but owned in Picton. Ed.]

The schooner Freeman, formerly owned by Frank Dewitty, and well known in local marine circles, has been purchased by William Savage, of Picton. The vessel is laid up at Belleville. (British Whig, 25 Jan 1911)

Marine Notes of Interest.

Weekly British Whig, April 20th 1911

The Picton Gazette says: Mr. Kirwood, who has been trying unsuccessfully to establish a daily line of steamers along the north shore, and asked the municipalities to assist, is, we understand, going to run the steamer Algerian between Toronto and Picton.

The steamer Alexandria has had many improvements made to her during the winter, and will start the season April 30th, with a trip to Rochester. On May 2nd, she commences her regular run to Montreal.

The steamer St. Joe loaded coal at Oswego for Toronto.

The steamer Aletha, now on the ways at Picton, had a good deal of work by way of improvement. The steambarge Waterlily has had a new boiler installed.

There will be no change of the routes of the several steamers taken over by the merger [Note: this was the acquisition of the Quinte Navigation Company by the Ontario and Quebec Navigation Company. Ed.], says the Picton Gazette. The work on the new boat being built at Collingwood [Note: this is the steamer Geronia] is going rapidly ahead. She will start on her route July 2nd. She will leave Picton, Mondays, for Quebec. Steamer Alexandria will leave Fridays during July and August. No name has as yet been selected for the new boat.

The Picton fleet

Weekly British Whig, April 20th 1911

Officers appointed to the Picton fleet are announced as follows:

Capt. of the Caspian - William Bongard of Picton - was mate last year. (British Whig, 20 May 1911)



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