Navy Ladies and the WRCNS

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Prayers being said for the roses as other WRCNS and
family watch; Mary then prepares to plant
the first rose.

The Special Navy Lady Roses were developed in 2010 to celebrate the women of the RCN.

A livley lady introduced herself and gave us a poster about the new rose developed as a tribute to the women of the Royal Canadian Navy for year of the centennial. She was a local WRCNS, Mary Wellein, and together we planned a special ceremony on 30 May 2010 to plant the roses.

The news went out to our local community and a number WRCNS enthusiastically joined us. The summer students documented the ladies naval service and experiences. We also had WRENS who had married a Canadian navy lad who joined in with the events. Our local Minister from the Anglican Church of Mary Magdalene blessed the ceromony which was attended by about fifteen WRCNS and WRENS.

It was lovely day in the garden for the planting and then we returned to the Victory gallery where naval tales were shared with refreshments. After that, it was a sing-song with The Wren's song.


Mary gets ready to plant the first rose.


The Naval Marine Archive is proud that so many of our veterans - the ladies of the WRCNS - were able to join us celebrating the centennial of the RCN. Their service to Canada and her allies was invaluable, and we trust that it will not be forgotten by future generations.

The Picton Gazette covered the event.

Our summer students interviewed Mary.

One of our WRCNS had served during the war and our summer students interviewed and filmed Shelia Gribble about her experiences.

Pat Dye joined the Naval Service at HMCS Cataraqui.

Colin Mccauley, RCN brought his wife, June, who had served in the Royal Navy and our students interviewd them both.

Video recordings of some of these interviews with the ladies are avaiblable...

the roses

We have four bushes blooming each year


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