Schooner Days, DXLVII (547)

They Miss The Old Scotch Bonnet, 25 Jul 1942

The W.H. Bartlett print of Gull Rock that Mr Snider reproduced at the end of this article (we have replaced it with a better image than the one "rescanned" from the Toronto Telegram) was probably printed in 1842 rather than the stated 1840. Mr Snider also refers to Angus Mowat's first novel, but in his second "Carrying Place", Toronto, 1944, he refers to landing on "The Gull" at page 187.

Mr Snider also refers to "Point Peter" in Prince Edward County as being easily confused with Peter Rock; while pronounced in a similar manner, the normal spelling for the last hundred and seventy or so years has been Point Petre. For a discussion of the origins, please see our research notes on this subject.

For further information on the Scotch Bonnet lighthouse, please see our research notes.



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