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Schooner Days Subject Index

C.H.J. Snider wrote some 1,300 instalments of "Schooner Days" in the Toronto Evening Telegram between 1931 and 1956. He left a nearly complete set to his friend Rowley Murphy, who compiled this index with the following notes:

The numbers used in this index refer to instalments, not to pages. Arabic equivalents will be found on each, in the vicinity of Snider's Roman numerals.

The index includes only those ships, people or subjects of which more than passing mention is made. Unless otherwise noted, ships named may be assumed to be sailing vessels, and all are typed in capitals.

Compound names are listed under the initial letter of the first name. The schooner STUART H. DUNN, for example, will be found under ā€œSā€. Names of persons are listed surname-first and like place names and subjects, are in upper and lower case.

22 Dec. 1975. K.R.M. (Rowley Murphy)

Additional entries have been added to assist researchers; they follow Mr Murphy's layout as described in his notes above.

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Quinte schooner
An unknown schooner on the Bay of Quinte, circa 1900.

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