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The propeller Crusoe (1869)

1. General

Port of Picton Registry, Number : 30

Name: CRUSOE formerly SIMON DAVIS [see $ 2. below]
Official Number: 83281 Type: Propeller
Tons (gross): 24Tons (net):
Where Built: MarysburgPort of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1869Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: Dyer Walters, 17 April 1869
Master’s Name: Simon Davis.Subscribing Owners: Simon Davis & Patrick Troy
Length: 46 feet Breadth: 13 feet and 2 inches
Depth of Hold: 5 feet and 2 inchesEngine Room: 10 feet length
Masts: One
Stern: RoundBowsprit: Standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Not rigged
Figure-head: NoneDecks: One

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  1. Note: "formerly SIMON DAVIS" : never registered under this name; possibly referred to by this name (one of the subscribing owners) while being built and prior to registration.
  3. Subscribing Owners: Simon Davis & Patrick Troy, sold to Thomas McCarthy of Kingston, dated January 25, 1875.
  4. Master’s Name: Simon Davis. (Patrick Troy in 1874)


1869, April 17 : Registered Picton, Ont; built for freight & towing on Lake Ontario.
1873, June 30 : owned by Hugh Crowley, Wolf Island, Ont.
1874, February 4 : owned by Patrick Troy, Wolf Island.
1874, December 7 : owned by Hugh Crowley.
1875, January 25 : owned by Thomas McCarthy, Kingston, Ont.
1877, April 17 : owned by Hugh C. Rothwell, Kingston.
1877, June 16 : rebuilt.
1878 : 9 x 12" engine by D. McEwen & Son, Kingston.
1881 : Rebuilt at Kingston; 71 x 14 x 5, 43 tons.
1885 : Rebuilt, renamed & renumbered as KHARTOUM, O/N 88573.

Newspaper and other transcriptions

  1. Daily News (Kingston, ON), Dec. 29, 1877. p.3 Navigation Notes - It is very rarely that such a heading can be put to a paragraph at this time of the year, but it can be done this year without trouble. On Christmas Day the steamer Junita took fifty persons on an excursion from Clayton to Gananoque. The steamer Utica carried a number of excursionists from Belleville and other ports to Picton on Tuesday last, the boat being received at the wharf by a large number of Pictonians, who heartily cheered her. The little steamer Crusoe is doing a good business up the Bay of Quinte these days, and is making trips regularly. She was to leave this afternoon for Picton. There is no appearance of ice anywhere in the Bay.
  2. 1879 Lake Hull Register of the Association of Lake Underwriters, p. 25. CRUSOE, tonnage 30, built Milford, by S. Davis 1869, Port of Hail Kingston; Tug, repaired '77
  3. British Whig (Kingston, ON), 25 Mar 1879. p.2 Steamer For Sale - Crusoe, capacity 100 passengers and freight; speed of 8-9 m.p.h.; apply to H.C. Rothwell.
  4. British Whig (Kingston, ON), Nov. 17, 1881. p.3 Court of Revision - James Swift appealed against the assessment of the str. Gipsy. She is assessed at $12,000. Confirmed. H.C. Rothwell assessed $7,500 on two steamers. The Princess Louise cost between $4,000 and $5,000; was offered $4,500 for her and would take that amount now. Assessment reduced to $4,500. Crusoe to be entered for $1,500.
  5. British Whig (Kingston, ON), May 14, 1884. p.3 Here & There - The steam barge Crusoe, while backing out of the harbor today, broke her wheel.
  6. Weekly British Whig (Kingston, ON), March 26, 1885. p.1 Parrot's Bay Driftings - The Crusoe is almost completed and will be ready for the opening of navigation, Capt. Rothwell having completely renovated her, making her in excellent condition for the season's trade.
  7. British Whig, Kingston, May 22, 1885. Capt. Rothwell, Sr., who owns the steam barge CRUSOE, had her rebuilt last winter at Parrott's Bay. He renamed her KHARTOUM. She is now 87 feet in length, 6 feet depth of hold, beam 14 feet. She also has a new boiler.
  8. British Whig, Kingston, June 12, 1885. The steamer KHARTOUM, the old CRUSOE, has reached port, Capt. Rothwell leaves with her for Belleville, where he put in another boiler. When the craft is ready she will be engaged in trips among the islands. She can be chartered. The fittings of the craft will be comfortable.

References and source notes

(6-13) Many of the contemporary newspaper cuttings can be found at Maritime History of the Great Lakes, Newspaper Transcriptons

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