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The schooner Huron (1874)

1. General

Port of Picton Registry, Number 48 :

Name: HURONType: Schooner
Official Number: 71202Tons: 234
Where Built: South MarysburghPort of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1874Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: David McMurchie, June 1874
Master’s Name: Subscribing Owners:
Length: 123.25Breadth: 23.5
Depth of Hold: 10.25Masts: 3
Stern: SquareBowsprit: Standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Schooner
Figure-head: NoneDecks: One
Subscibing owners: Chas. Wilson, J. Collier and Zachariah Palmatier (Palmateer?)





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  1. Sold to Thomas Greenwood of Port Colborne 1874, who sold to Charles Lobb of St. Catherines, dated April 12, 1876, but mortgage due to Charles Wilison was reclaimed on the same date, with all 64 shares re-registered to Wilson.
  2. HURON sank in Lake Erie 1890-06-04.

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. Casualty List for 1874, Chicago Inter-Ocean, Dec. 25, 1874 : Schooners HURON and GASKIN collide in the Welland Canal, June 1874. Loss $200. ($200 for both, say $100 each.)
  2. Daily News (Kingston, ON), March 2, 1876 p.3 : Toronto - The schooner Huron, of Picton, was sold by auction this morning for $12,000.
  3. Daily News (Kingston, ON), March 11, 1876 p.2 : Mr. C.S. Wilson's schooner Huron, of Picton, was sold at Toronto last week to Mr. Chas. Scott for $11,965. [Note: there appears to be no registry entry under this name - probably confusion with Charles Lobb.]
  4. British Whig (Kingston, ON), Aug. 17, 1882 :Yesterday when the schooner Huron was about ready to sail for Charlotte, with a load of ties and lath, the Union crew suddenly cleared off. The captain complains that they were coaxed away. He is now endeavoring to secure another crew.
  5. Daily British Whig, Kingston, July 8, 1890 : Sinking of schooner HURON on Lake Erie, crew picked up by the steam barge LOTHAIR.
  6. Many references to the schooner Picton appear in C.H.J Snider's work:
    "Schooner Days" no. CXXXVII (137); Old Never-Wet, 5 May 1934.
    "Schooner Days" no. CXLII (142); Fate of two Folgers, 9 June 1934.

References and source notes

(4 - 8) Many of the contemporary newspaper cuttings can be found at Maritime History of the Great Lakes, Newspaper Transcriptons
(9) C.H.J. Snider Schooner Days index, Naval Marine Archive.


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