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The schooner J.W. Langmuir (1865)


Port of Picton Registry, Date: 6 July 1865

Name: J.W. LANGMUIRType: Schooner
Official Number: Former name: PRINCE OF WALES (1842), HANNAH (1844)
Tons (gross): 116 Tons (net):
Where Built: PictonPort of Registry / Hail: Picton, Register #13
Build Year: 1865Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: John Tate, July 6, 1865
Master’s Name: Wm. Redmond Subscribing Owners: J.W. Langmuir sole owner
Length; 88 feetBreadth; 21 feet (above wales)
Depth of Hold; 8 feet and 4 inches Masts: two
Stern: squareBowsprit: standing
How Built: Carvel, of woodHow Rigged: Fore and Aft Top sail schooner
Figure-head: Decks: one

NOTATIONS: [Subscribing owners: J.W. Langmuir sole owner, after many part owners vessel was owned by Richard Walters & Edward Neale both of Toronto and dated July 7, 1874.]


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  1. FOLIO 1 Register Number: 101 Name: HANNAH ex PRINCE OF WALES Description: Schooner Where she Belongs: Kingston Tons: 99 When Built: 1842 Where Built: Whitby or Oswego (see NOTATION) Present Master: William Chisholm Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: Thomas Collins Description of Vessel:- Length: 82 feet & 6/10ths Breadth: 18 feet & 3/10ths Depth of Hold: 7 feet & 5/10ths Masts: Two Square or Round Stern: Square How Built: Carvel Standing or Running Bowsprit: Standing Figure Head: a Cutwater Head How Rigged: Schooner Decks: One, no galleries Subscribing Owners:- George Fenwick, Kingston, Hotel Keeper, sole owner, transferred vessel to John W. Langmuir of Picton dated July 28, 1865
    NOTATIONS Oswego, October 16, 1861 To all whom it may concern – This is to certify that I, Thomas Collins of Oswego, in the State of New York – did build the schooner PRINCE OF WALES, for Messrs. Welsh & Rowe of Whitby, Canada West in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred & Forty two. Dimensions as follows: Eighty feet keel. Twenty feet beam. Eight feet hold – two masts and a topsail & t'galent sail; Schooner Rig. Square stern & Carvel planked; Thomas Collins I, G.W. Fenwick of the city of Kingston at County of Frontenac, sole owner, make oath, that the vessel mentioned in this certificate is called the HANNAH and is the same which is described by the builder as above. Sworn in the County House Kingston dec. 18, 1861 Port of Kingston Shipping Registers 1846-1874. Note. – [a] PRINCE OF WALES, [b] HANNAH, [c] J.W. LANGMUIR [The Maritime History of the Great Lakes Online Resource, Newspaper Transcriptions. Contributing research by Mr. William R. McNeil of Toronto]
  2. NOTATIONS: WRECKED NOVEMBER 1874 ON GALOO ISLAND. [Picton Registry, Research by Mr. William McNeil of Toronto, Ont.]
  3. BRIGANTINES, LANGMUIR, J American Tonnage; 145: Built by Tate at Picton in 1865: Supposed Owner, Spencer: Belonging to the Port Picton: Approximiate Value, $4000 Class B1 [Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters, 1869 Lake Vessel Register, Page 15.]
  4. SCHOONERS, LANGMUIR, J.W. (c) New Tonnage, 116: Where Built, Picton: By Whom, D. Tait: When, Aug 1865: Owner, Spencer: Port of Hail, Picton: Estimated Value, $4000: Class, B1: Remarks, Bottom of schooner HANNAH, Repaired in 1868. [Classification of Lake Vessels and Barges, Adopted by a Board of Marine Inspectors, April 1, 1871, Page 60]
  5. LANGMUIR, J.W. Sch: American Tonnage, 145: Built By Whom, Tate: Built Where, Picton: When, 1865: Supposed Owners, Spicer(Spencer?) Port Belonging to, Picton: Approximiate Value, $3200: Class B1: Date of Last Survey, 3/73 [Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters, 1873, Lake Vessel Register, Page 17]
  6. SAIL VESSELS, LANGMUIR, J.W. Schr. Tonnage, 145: Built By Whom, Tait: Built Where, Picton: When, 1865: Supposed Owners, Spicer(Spencer) Port of Hail, Picton: Value, $3100: Class B2: Date of Survey, 2/74: General Remarks, Built on bottom of “HANNAH”. [Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters, 1874, The Marine Register, Page 24.]
  7. SHIP LISTS First Registration: Name: J.W. LANGMUIR, Location: Picton, Ontario, Canada: Date Registered 1865/07/06 Original Building Information: Built By: David Tait: Built At: Picton, Ontario, Canada: Date Built, 1865/06: Length: 88.00: Beam, 21:00: Depth, 8.92: Unit Tons, 116: Vessel Description: Deck, One: Type, Carvel: Stem, Square: Figure, No: Number of Masts, Two: Type of Rig, Schooner: Closing Information: Date of Reason Closed, 1874/11: Reason Closed, Wrecked: Place Closed, Galoo Island: Source of Data, N.A.C., RG-42., C-2434, Vol 209 [Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston, Online Resource, Ship Lists (not found, March 2020)]

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. 1866 Schooner J.W. LANGMUIR. [C}, Of 145 tons. Built at Picton in 1865 by D. Tait. Owned by J.W. Langmuir. Home Port; Picton: Value $4,000. Class B1: Remarks.- Bottom and outfit of schr. HANNAH. Board of Lake Underwriters, Lake Vessel Register, 1866
  2. Schooner HANNAH. [C], Of 120 tons. Built at Whitby in 1844 by H. & S. Jones. Owned by G.W. Fenwick. Home port, Kingston. Value $1,600. Class C1. Board of Lake Underwriters, Lake Vessel Register, 1860
  3. Daily News , 19 Jul 1869 p.2 Shipping News Glassford, Jones & Co’s Wharf . . . And the schooner J.W. LANGMUIR, from Toronto with 7,000 bu wheat.
  4. Daily News, May 31 1872 p.2 Messrs. Holcomb & Stewart’s Wharf – The schooner J.W. LANGMUIR, 6,400 bushels of peas, has arrived from Hamilton.
  5. Daily News, Jul 3, 1872 p.2 Marine News Montreal Transportation Company’s Wharf - The schooner J.W. LANGMUIR, Toronto, 6937 bushels of corn.
  6. Daily News, Aug 26, 1872 p.2 Marine News Messrs. James Swift and Co’s Wharf - . . . The schooner J.W. LANGMUIR arrived from Oswego with a general cargo.
  7. Daily News, Dec 4, 1872 p.1 The following vessels are laid up for the winter at Picton harbor, and are being dismantled: steamers PICTON and NORFOLK; schooners BABINEAU & GAUDRY, C. GEARING, PICTON, J.W. LANGMUIR, BELLE CASE, BELLE of Hamilton and ONTARIO.
  8. The MAIL, Wednesday, November 19, 1873. Milford - Nov 18, The schooner LANGMUIR of Picton, went ashore this morning near Point Traverse. She is damaged considerably, her cargo is coal, and she was bound for Belleville.
  9. Daily News, 22 Nov 1873 p.3 Picton Marine Items In consequence of the unmistakable indications of the near approach of winter several vessels have been laid up and are rapidly stripped of their canvas. The Schrs. GAZELLE, BELLE CASE, and Wm. ELGIN have already gone into winter quarters. The new schooner HARD TO BEAT, recently launched at Roblin’s Mills, was towed into the harbor on Friday last. It is the intention of the owners to have her fitted up here during the winter. The schr. L.B. STONE arrived here on Sunday last, and loaded barley on the following Monday for Oswego. This will probably be the last shipment of the season put out of this port. The schr. J.W. LANGMUIR from Oswego to Belleville, laden with coal, was driven ashore at Point Traverse on Tuesday last, and considerably damaged.
  10. Schooner J.W. LANGMUIR, ashore and sunk in Lake Ontario, October 1874. Property loss $2500. Casualty List for 1873, Chicago Inter-Ocean, Dec 25, 1874
  11. The schr. LANGMUIR, light, is ashore at Galoo Island, between Kingston and Oswego. She is supposed to be a total wreck. The crew are safe. Buffalo Commercial Advertiser October 9, 1874 3-6 The schr. SASSICUS, with 50 M ft. of lumber from the schr. J.W. LANGMUIR, ashore at the head of Big Gallup Island, arrived here at 11:00 last night, in tow of the tug WHEELER. A barge from the Bay secured the remainder of the cargo with the exception of what was lost. The LANGMUIR is a total wreck. – Oswego Times, 13th. Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, October 15, 1874 3-5.
  12. J.W. LANGMUIR (record #4236) Other Names: reportedly built on hull of schooner HANNAH; Official Number: none ; Type of Loss: schooner, wood, 2 mast Build Info: 1865, David Tait, Picton, Ont. as a brig; Specs: 88 x 21 x 9; 116 t. Date of Loss: 1875, Oct 7 – 8; Place of Loss: Galoo Island Lake: Ontario; Type of Loss: Storm; Loss of Life: none; Carrying: lumber; Detail: Bound for Oswego from Picton, she reached within 8 miles of that port, then began to fill and became unmanageable. She was driven back to the shoal at the head of the island and grounded, then broke up. Her crew made it to shore in her yawl. She was later stripped and relieved of her cargo by the schooner SASSACUS and the tug WHEELER. Owned by: Spencer, Picton. Major Repair in 1868, probably converted from a brig to a schooner at that time. Sources: nsp, wl, rsl, hgl.
  13. Schooner Days CCLXVII (267) From Grocery Scow To Great Eastern: More Ships That Jack Built - Jack Tait Of Prince Edward , 21 Nov 1936.

References and source notes

(9-19) The Maritime History of the Great Lakes Online Resource, Newspaper Transcriptions. Contributing research by Mr. Rick Neilson of Kingston, Mr. William R. McNeil of Toronto.
(20) Online resource “The Great Lakes Shipwreck file" By David D. Swayze, Lake Isabella. MI.
(21) C.H.J. Snider Schooner Days index, Naval Marine Archive.


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