The schooner JOHN WESLEY (1869)

Built as the sloop CHALLENGE (1852)


Port of Picton Registry, Number : 31 (1869)

Name: JOHN WESLEYType: Schooner Scow
Official Number:
Tons (gross): 40 Tons (net):
Where Built: PictonPort of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1869Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: John Allen, May 10th, 1869.
Master’s Name: James AtkinSubscribing Owners: William Lobb and Frank McCauley
Length; 67 feet Breadth; 17 feet and 2 inches
Depth of Hold; 4 feet and 8 inches Masts: 2
Stern: SquareBowsprit: Standing
How Built: Carvel How Rigged: Schooner
Figure-head: NoneDecks:


May 1869. Owned by William E. Lobb & Peter Clark, South Marysburg.
March 28, 1872. Owned by John McCaw
June 9, 1873. Owned by William E. Lobb
August 11, 1875. Owned by W.E. Lobb & Peter Clark
Sept 23, 1875. Owned by Salem Clark
Nov 16, 1876. Owned by Alex Ure & W. McConochine, Dumbarton (Pickering)
Jan 22, 1879. Owned by Micheal Mullins, Belleville
Jan 30, 1883. Owned by Alex Ure & James Young
Aug 26, 1886. Owned by John Maloney & E.D. Newton, Toronto, Ont.
Dec 3, 1897 Lost or Broken up.


See also the entries for the schooner JOHN WESLEY, built on the bottom of the sloop CHALLENGE in our ships Database.

  1. JOHN WESLEY Schooner Am. Tons: 69 Built By: Thurston Where Built: Kingston When: 1860 Port Belonging To: Kingston Approx Value: $1,500 Class: B1 Date of Last Survey: 2/73. General Remarks; Scow. Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters. 1873 Lake Vessel Register. Page 38
  2. JOHN WESLEY Schooner Tonnage: 69 Built By: Thurston Where Built: Kingston [sic] When: 1860 [Note: this was the year of a previous rebuild of the sloop Challenge] Supposed Owners: Lobb & Co. Port of Hail: Kingston Value: $1,500 Class: B1 Date of Last Survey: 2/73 General Remarks: Scow Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters. 1874 The Marine Register. Page 31
  3. Schooner JOHN WESLEY Canadian Of 40 Tons. Built at: Picton May 1869 By: Skelton Owned by Lobb et. al. Home Port: Picton Value: $750 bottom of schooner CHALLENGE. National Board of Lake Underwriters. Lake Vessel Classification. 1875
  4. JOHN WESLEY Port of Registry: Picton Rig: Schooner Built: 1869 Where Built: Picton, Ont. How Propelled: Sails Dimensions: 67 x 17.6 x 4.6 Reg Tons: 40 Owner: Alex Ure, Pickering, Ontario. Sessional Papers No 15, Dept of Marine, Ottawa, 1887
  5. JOHN WESLEY. Year of Build: 1860 [Note: this was the year of a previous rebuild of the sloop Challenge] Built at: Picton, Ont. Vessel Type: scow schooner Hull material: wood Builder’s name: John Allen Built on bottom of; CHALLENGE George N. Fletcher Public Library, Great Lakes Maritime Collection. C. Patrick Labadie Collection.

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. Oswego Palladium (N.Y.). Nov 11, 1880 Kingston 9th: The scow JOHN WESLEY loaded with lumber, dragged her anchor and went ashore about 2 miles below Stella Point, Amhearst Island. She is there yet, but it is not known if damage was sustained or if any of the crew are lost.

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