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The schooner Primrose (1844)


Port of Picton Registry, Number 1 of 1847

Name: PRIMROSEType: schooner
Official Number:
Tons (registered) 29
Where Built: AtholPort of Registry / Hail: Wellington, Picton registry no. 1 of 1847
Build Year: 1844Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: John Stanton, Aug 13, 1847
Master’s Name: Lotswick StantonSubscribing Owners: James P. Spence & John Stanton, farmers
Length: 51 feetBreadth: 14 feet and 6/10
Depth of Hold: 5 feet and 4/10Masts: 2
Stern: squareBowsprit: standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: fore & aft
Figure-head: ScrollDecks: 1



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Notes and newspaper transcriptions

  1. Subscribing Owners: James P. Spence & John Stanton, both farmers of Athol joint owners, sold all 64 shares to Harvey M. Day of Brighton dated Jan. 1865, sold to Isaich Standing of Brighton dated Aug 20, 1867, who sold to Thomas Goldring, a Toronto Mariner dated Nov 6, 1868.
  2. Note: this schooner built and owned by John Stanton in 1844. First registered 1877 to John Stanton and James P. Spence, farmers, Athol, Prince Edward County.
  3. Picton Sun (undated), Kingston News Nov 7, 1844 : The PRIMROSE, we are sorry to say that our fears respecting this vessel were but too well founded she has sunk off Point Petre and all hands have perished. The names of the unfortunate sufferers were Henry Stanton (master), Wm. Burlingham, John Trumpour & James Bailey. [Note: obviously recovered.]
  4. Prince Edward Gazette, Oct. 25th, 1844 : The Storm - The late storm has made great ravages in this District, uprooting houses and barns and prostrating fences in every neighbourhood. We have to perform the melancholy duty of recording the total loss of the sch. Primrose, owned and commanded by Capt. Henry Stanton of Athol, with all on board. She was heavily laden with wheat, which she took in at the store of A. McFaul, Esq. at Wellington. She is supposed to have struck on Salmon Point, and then drifted to where she now lies, in 40' of water, off Point Peter Lighthouse. Capt. Stanton was a most industrious and energetic young man, and possessed the confidence and esteem of all who knew him. Those who comprised Capt. Stanton's crew were Wm. Burlingham, son of Varnum Burlingham of Athol, John Trumpour of Athol, and James Bailey of Picton, the loss of whom is deeply regretted. It is supposed their bodies will be found lashed to the rigging.
  5. Argus (Kingston, ON), May 12, 1846. Port of Kingston - arrived. ... Schr. Primrose, Oswego, 340 bbls. flour, 40 bbls. salt, Oliphant & Watt.
  6. Daily News, Kingston Oct 5, 1857 : PRIMROSE (schooner), Sunk 1856. Captain Quick of Brighton has constructed a set of “marine boxes” by which to lift sunken vessels. The boxes when connected measure 80 feet in length. They were employed successfully in raising the schooner PRIMROSE which sunk in Weller’s Bay last Autumn. The Flag says she is now high and dry and ready to be put in repair.
  7. References to the schooner Picton appear in C.H.J Snider's work:

References and source notes

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