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The Bulk freighter Wiley M. Egan (1893) (W.M. Egan)

1. General

Name: WILEY M. EGAN Type: Bulk freighter
Official Number: (US) 81143Official Number: (Canadian) 111965
Tons (gross): 1677 Tons (net): 1380
Where Built: Cleveland, OH Port of Registry / Hail:
Build Year: 1887 Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: William H. Radcliffe, 1887
Master’s Name: Subscribing Owners: Wiley M. Egan et al., Chicago, IL.
Length; 252 feet and 2/10ths. Breadth; 39 feet and 8/10ths
Depth of Hold; 20 feet and 0/10ths Masts: Three
Stern: round Bowsprit: None
How Built: carvelHow Rigged: Unrigged
Figure-head: NoneDecks: One

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Wiley M. Egan

Bulk freighter Wiley M. Egan (note twin stacks.) Click for enlargement.



  1. As built: US O/N 81143. Ownership Notes: R.P. Fitzgerald, Milwaukee, Philip O. Armour, Chicago, IL.; Capacity: 2100 tons; single screw, fore-and-aft 2 cylinder compound engine, 25.5 + 50 x 40", 700hp at 80rpm engine by King Iron Works, Buffalo, NY, 1887. 8'6" x 16', 100 # steam Firebox boilers.
  2. Re-registered Picton, Ontario, O/N 111965, as W.M. EGAN; Owner: Ontario and Quebec Navigation Co. Registered Date: 1912-06-25; Registered Number: 1 of 1912; City: Picton, Prince Edward, Ontario; Dimensions: Length: 253.8, Breadth: 39.6, Depth: 21.6, Tonnage (Net): 1190, Tonnage (Gross): 1620

4. History

Newspaper and other transcriptions

  1. The Marine Review, May 25, 1899 : A division has been made of the boats controlled by the R.P. Fitzgerald Co. of Milwaukee, which was dissolved last summer. By the apportionment just made R.P. Fitzgerald takes the steamers P. D. ARMOUR, W. M. EGAN, R. P. FITZGERALD and JOHN PLANKINTON, while W. E. Fitzgerald gets the DENVER. OMAHA, PUEBLO and TOPEKA.
  2. Marine Record (Cleveland, OH), 12 Jun 1902, p. 3 : The steamer Kirby is now in drydock being repaired for damages done in collision with the Wiley M. Egan at Sandwich Point.
  3. Marine Review (Cleveland, OH), 22 Nov 1906, p. 36 : FOR SALE. To close the Estate of the late Wiley M. Egan, the undersigned will receive proposals for the purchase of all, or a two-thirds interest in each of the fright Steamers Philip D. Armour, John Plankinton, Wiley M. Egan and R. P. Fitzgerald. All proposals should be submitted by Dec. 10, 1906. Right reserved to reject any and all bids. For further particulars address : Arthur C. Helm, Managing Executor, Estate of Wiley M. Egan, Dec’d., 214 Postal Telegraph bldg., Chicago, Ill.
  4. Scanner, v. 3, n. 4 (January 1971) : Fleet list of the Quebec And Ontario Transportation Co. Ltd: WILEY M. EGAN. U.S. 81143, Can. 111965. Wooden bulk carrier. 1887 Cleveland. 260.7 x 39.9 x 19.8. Gross 1667, net 1380. Built for W.M. Egan, Chicago, and operated by the "White Line," Milwaukee. Owned 1912 by the Pittsburgh & Erie Coal Co. Sold 1912 to Ontario & Quebec Navigation Co. (A. W. Hepburn), Picton. Absorbed 1914 by Canada Steamship Lines Ltd. Purchased in damaged condition 1918 by the Ontario Transportation & Pulp Co. for use as dock at Shelter Bay, Quebec.

References and source notes

(1-3) Various registers, mainly Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario.
(4) Based in part on the Great Lakes Collection, Patrick Labadie.
(5-8) As cited in text.

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The research and preparation of many of these data sheets was carried out by K.C. We extend our thanks to him.

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