Quinte waters in the broader context of the Great Lakes

An examination of of some historical and contemporary aspects; shipping and the environment [*]

Page 1 - The Issue; and a Brief History
Page 2 - The Problem
Page 3 - The Problem (continued) – metals
Page 4 - The Problem (continued) – levels and dredging
Page 5 - Progress and Conclusion


[Review 2020]     The information covered in these five pages is an excellent summary of some of the key issues for the Great Lakes and the Bay of Quinte. The challenge, as with all factual content, is that it becomes dated. While this account is good up to the early 2000s, so much has changed since then – a prime example is the discussed concern over the low water levels, while today the issue is over high water levels. A 2020 review of this report was performed by an expert in the field, Dr. Timothy Johnson. This review adds clarification but leaves the integrity of the 2007 data intact.


[*] - This project was developed by Isabel Slone (one of the Society's 2007 "summer students") and was in part funded with a grant from Young Canada Works, in part with a grant from the Municipality of the County of Prince Edward, and in part with this Society's research funds.


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First posted 14 August 2007; revised: 12 July 2020