Herreshoff Coquina

1994 Prince Edward Yacht Club Classic Show


Bob Davis and Coquina

Bob Davis, yacht builder, rowing Coquina , this 1905 Herrshoff design of a sailing dinghy to the Yacht Club show. Captain Nat Herrshoff designed the Coquina in 1890 and his son L. Francis wrote:"This was the most successful type, and was built in two or three sizes and many different lengths. It made both a fast and excellent sailing dinghy and a very easy rowing boat." "In the days when I used to go on the New York Yacht Club cruises I never saw anything but the Coquina model win in the single rower class."


forward section

Coquina - forward

This is the forward interior of the boat showing the copper rivets, frames and the forward thwart.


interior bow

Bow construction

The bow of the boat is where the mast is stepped and this shows the thwart that is part of the support.



Coquina - centreboard

The centre board case. An area that requires good design and construction; when sailing the engineering stress is high and water leaks can happen.


stern of coquina

Stern of coquina

Stern of Coquina - you can see the beautiful sheer.



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