Shipbuilding History

Shipbuilding History Shipyard construction records and other maritime stuff.

This web site is concerned with documenting the construction records of U.S. and Canadian shipbuilders and boatbuilders.  It also includes data on the construction of ships in U.S. and Canadian yards by type.  Most of the data come from authoritative sources, but nobody's perfect and there are bound to be errors as well as omissions: please send corrections and additions to [disabled]  Minor revisions and updates are made almost every day.  Most recent additions: updated tables of The US-Flag Commercial Fleet, by Type.

Index to the ~750 U.S. Shipyards with Individual Construction Records
12 Major U.S. Shipbuilders: 6 Active Today ("The Big Six"), 6 Inactive
70 Large U.S. Shipbuilders: 14 Active Today ("The 2nd Tier"), 56 Inactive
321 Small U.S. Shipbuilders and Boatbuilders: 78 Active Today, 243 Occasional or Inactive
14 U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Yards: 5 Active Today (as Repair Yards), 9 Inactive
66 Wartime U.S. Shipbuilders: 35 from WWI, 31 from WWII, All Inactive Today
181 Wartime U.S. Boatbuilders: 79 from WWI, 102 from WWII, All Inactive Today
22 U.S. Builders of Large Yachts: 15 Active Today, 7 Occasional or Inactive
33 U.S. Builders of Small Yachts Who Were Active in Wartime: 16 in WWI, 32 in WWII
30 Significant U.S. Shipbuilders from Before WWI: All Inactive Today
Plus: ~1500 Other U.S. Yards that Have Built Ships or Boats - 8 tables
19 Large Canadian Shipbuilders: 2 Active Today, 17 Inactive
44 Small Canadian Shipbuilders and Boatbuilders: 13 Active Today, 31 Inactive
20 Wartime Canadian Shipbuilders: 19 from WWI, 1 from WWII
38 Wartime Canadian Boatbuilders: All from WWII
Plus: ~200 Other Canadian Yards That Have Occasionally Built Ships or Boats - 7 tables
U.S. Navy Ships and Submarines - 22 tables
U.S. Navy Small Ships, Boats and Craft - 61 tables
U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft - 10 tables
U.S. Army Small Ships, Boats and Craft - 16 tables
N.O.A.A. and Other Government Research Vessels - 3 tables
Ships Built for the U.S. Shipping Board in WWI - 12 tables
Ships Built for the U.S. Maritime Commission in WWII - 21 tables
Ships and Rigs Built in the U.S. Since WWII - 15 tables
Canadian Naval Ships and Boats - 12 tables
Canadian Coast Guard Ships and Boats - 1 table
Merchant Ships Built in Canada in Wartime - 2 tables
Ships and Rigs Built in Canada Since WWII - 9 tables
  Current U.S. and Canadian Shipbuilding and Boatbuilding Contracts - updated September 30
  Directory of U.S. and Canadian Shipyards - updated September 15
Directory of U.S. and Canadian Maritime Memorials and Museums - updated May 3
Shipbuilding Contract Awards Announced in 2011 - updated September 30
Deliveries of Ships, Boats and Oceangoing Barges in 2011 - updated September 29
Deliveries of Inland Barges in 2011 - updated September 10
Status of Major Merchant Shipbuilding Programs - updated September 30
Status of Major Government Shipbuilding Programs - updated September 29
Major U.S. Navy Shipbuilding Contracts - updated September 26
Shipbuilding Industry Data - 55 tables
Shipping Industry Data - 16 tables
The US-Flag Commercial Fleet, by Type - 18 tables
The World Fleet of LNG Carriers - 3 tables
The World Fleet of Offshore Drilling Rigs - 6 tables
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