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Offshore Drilling Rigs Built in Canada

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Most recent update: 26 August 2017.

Shipbuilder Location Hull# O.N. Original Name Original Owner  Type GT Completed Later Names, Disposition
Victoria MD Victoria BC 136 298297 SEDCO 135-F SEDCO Semi-Submersible 8,676 1967 Now a water facility in Brazil
Davie SB Lauzon QC 672 329350 Kenting No. 1 Kenting Offshore  Jack-Up 1,143 May-69 Scrapped 1985
Halifax SY Halifax NS 58 329779 SEDCO H SEDCO Semi-Submersible 9,568 Apr-70 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 59 329797 SEDCO I SEDCO Semi-Submersible 9,617 Dec-70 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 61 345826 SEDCO J SEDCO Semi-Submersible 9,811 Sep-72 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 64   SEDNETH 701 SEDCO Semi-Submersible 10,523 Oct-73 SEDCO 701, retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 65   SEDCO 704 SEDCO Semi-Submersible 7,932 Sep-74 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 66   SEDCO 705 (Stadrill) SEDCO Semi-Submersible 7,932 Nov-75 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 67   SEDCO 709 SEDCO Semi-Submersible 7,933 Feb-77 Retired
Halifax SY Halifax NS 68   SEDCO/BP 471 SEDCO/BP Drill Ship 7,538 Jan-78 JOIDES Resolution 1996, active
Davie SB Lauzon QC 696 Liberia Glomar High Island I Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,818 Jun-79 GSF High Island I 2004, Hercules 261 2008
Davie SB Lauzon QC 697 Liberia Glomar High Island II Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,823 Nov-79 GSF High Island II 2004, High Island II 2013
Davie SB Lauzon QC 698 Panama Salenergy IV Salen Offshore Drilling Jack-Up 4,828 May-80 Songa Tellus 2007, Ben Avon 2009, Hercules 267 2013
Davie SB Lauzon QC 699  Liberia Glomar High Island III Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,832 Sep-80 GSF High Island III  2002, KS Venture 2007, Global Pearl 2008
Davie SB Lauzon QC 700 Liberia Glomar High Island IV Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,483 Dec-80 GSF High Island IV 2004, High Island IV 2013
Davie SB Lauzon QC 701 Liberia Glomar High Island VI Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,831 Jul-81 Arabdrill 17 1981
Davie SB Lauzon QC 702 Liberia Glomar High Island VII Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,825 Apr-82 GSF High Island VII 2002, High Island VII 2013
Davie SB Lauzon QC 703 Liberia Petrobras VI Petroleos Brasileiro Jack-Up 4,299 Aug-82 Drill Force I 2015
Davie SB Lauzon QC 706 Liberia Glomar High Island VIII Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,827 Nov-82 GSF High Island VIII 2003, Hercules 262 2008
Davie SB Lauzon QC 707 Liberia Glomar Adriatic III Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,625 Sep-82 GSF Adriatic III 2003, Hercules 350 2008, WFD Rig 350 2017
Davie SB Lauzon QC 708 Mexico Mexico II Perforadora Mexico Jack-Up 4,648 Oct-83 Active
Davie SB Lauzon QC 709 Liberia Glomar High Island IX Global Marine Drilling Jack-Up 4,821 Jun-83 GSF High Island IX 2003, High Island IX 2013
Saint John SB Saint John NB 1138 Liberia Bow Drill 3 Bow Valley Husky Ltd. Semi-Submersible 24,200 1984 Maersk Vinlander 1988, Glomar Grand Banks 1998, GSF Grand Banks 2004, scrapped 2016


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