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This sector of the fleet has not changed significantly in several years but lost one more unit in 2012. Comments or queries, please email

Most recent update: 2 October 2012.

Operator Rig Name Design Water Depth (ft.) Drilling Depth (ft.) Builder Country Flag Class Delivery Original Name
Noble Drilling Noble Joe Alford Pace 85G 85 30,000 Vemar USA USA AB Nov-82 Portal 202
Noble Drilling Noble Lester Pettus Pace 85G 85 30,000 Vemar USA USA AB Aug-82 Portal 201
Hercules Offshore Hercules 75 Pace 85G 85 25,000 Vemar USA Liberia AB Feb-83 Portal 203
Hercules Offshore Hercules 77 Donhaiser 85 30,000 Chicago Bridge USA Liberia AB Dec-82 Dixilyn-Field 77


These shipbuilding pages are part of an ongoing project; new material and data is added regularly.

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