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Charles Reeder & Sons, Baltimore MD

Charles Reeder & Sons was Baltimore's first manufacturer of steam engines: it opened in 1813 and closed in 1904. They expanded into shipbuilding on only a modest scale, building only five complete ships, but in their later years they did good business outfitting hulls built elsewhere. Their plant was at the foot of Federal Hill, on the north side, where Rash Field is today. Comments or queries, please email

Most recent update: 19 May 2016.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Vessel Type GT Feet Built Disposition
na Galveston U.S. Coast Guard Revenue Cutter 416 1891 Later Apache, scrapped 1950
116539 Sassafras Passenger 403 1892 Later Annapolis
136568 Easton C. C. Wheeler Passenger 460 1896 Later Apache 1917, Le Sahel 1926, scrapped 1938
116827 Susquehanna W. Elliassen Passenger 462 1898 Later Francis Scott Key 1941, scrapped 1952
20624 Queen Anne Passenger 651 1899

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