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Henry Steers, James R. & George Steers, Greenpoint NY

James R. and George Steers were the sons of a naval architect who had worked in the Royal Naval Dockyard in Plymouth before emigrating and working in the Washington Navy Yard. They started their shipyard at the foot of 12th Street, in Manhattan, in 1850 but it closed in 1856 after George's death. James' nephew Henry had begun his career working for his uncle but now started his own yard, relocating to Greenpoint in 1859. The table below is clearly incomplete: if anyone has any data to add to it, please email

Most recent update: 24 May 2016.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Ship Type GT Feet Built Disposition
Built by James R. & George Steers
Sunny South Napier, Johnson & Co. Clipper Ship 776 1854 Wrecked off Mozambique 1861
Niagara Collins Line Psgr/Cargo 1855
Adriatic Collins Line Psgr/Cargo 3,650 1856 Hulked 1873, scrapped 1885
Built by Henry Steers
Charles H. Marshall 1857
Seth Grosvenor Psgr/Cargo 68 1860 Foundered 1861
Che-Kiang Russell & Co. Steamer 1,265 1862 Burnt 1864 in Hankow
Foh-Kien Forbes & Co. Steamer 1,947 1862 Stranded 1865 near Chinhae
Hu-Quang Forbes & Co. Steamer 1,339 1862 Burnt 1866 in Kiukiang
Retribution Marshall O. Roberts Steamer 2,767 1863 Renamed Golden Rule, stranded 1865 on Roncador Reef
800 Arizona Pacific Mail SS Co Steamer 2,793 1865 Scrapped 1877
6529 Nicaragua William H. Webb Steamer 2,145 1865 Renamed Dakota, abandoned 1886
10527 Great Republic Pacific Mail SS Co Steamer 3,882 1866 Largest wooden-hulled ship ever built, stranded 1879 on the Columbia River bar
na Idaho US Navy Cruiser 3,241 1866 Sold 1874
Alaska Pacific Mail SS Co Steamer 4,011 1867 Storage hulk in Acapulco 1882, scrapped 1886
13899 Japan Pacific Mail SS Co Steamer 4,352 1868 Burnt 1874 in Yokohama
America Pacific Mail SS Co Steamer 4,400 1869 Burnt 1872 in Yokohama
Rhode Island Providence & Stonington SS Co Ferry 2,742 1873 Wrecked 1880
90973 Massachusetts Providence & Wilmington SS Co Ferry 2,607 1876 Scrapped 1903

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