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Chrysler Boats, Detroit MI

Chrysler built 9,002 steel pontoons for the Navy at its Jefferson Avenue plant at the foot of Conner Street, in Detroit, (still active today), where it also made its marine engines. They then combined the two product lines, building 8,229 "Sea Mules", which were powered and steerable pontoons. Finally, they built 1,038 tractor tugs for the Army. See the plant from the air on Google here. Comments or queries, please email

Most recent update: 2021-08-31.

Hull# Original Name or # Customer Type # of Boats Feet Delivery Disposition
US Navy Pontoon 9,002 1942
US Navy Sea Mule 8,229 1943
GT 581-688 US Army Tractor Tug 108 38 2/44-3/44
GT 931-960 US Army Tractor Tug 30 22 6/43-7/43
GT 961-1080 US Army Tractor Tug 120 34 7/43-11/43
GT 1082-1276 US Army Tractor Tug 195 32 8/43-3/44
GT 1606-1980 US Army Tractor Tug 375 38 10/43-3/44
GT 2386-2595 US Army Tractor Tug 210 42 5/44-9/44

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