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Florida Shipbuilding, Ojus FL

Florida Shipbuilding was established by John H. Odenbach, who also started Odenbach Shipbuilding, in Rochester NY, which built 53 of these small tankers. From a Labor Relations Board decsion Case No. 10-R-1379 decided March 7, 1945, "Findings of fact. Florida Shipbuilding Corporation is a Florida corporation with its shipyard at Ojus, Florida, where it is engaged in building steel ocean-going gasoline tankers for the United States Army Transportation Corps. The grounds, buildings, and equipment used by the Company at Ojus, Florida, are owned by Odenbach Holding Corporation of Rochester, New York. During the 6-month period preceding the date of the hearing, the Company used steel and machinery valued in excess of $300,000, 30 percent of which was shipped to it from points outside the State of Florida. During the same period the Company had partly constructed five tankers valued at about $250,000 each, which when completed, will be delivered to the United States Army Transportation Corps at Ojus, Florida. The Company is a subcontractor under a prime contract held by Lancaster Iron Works, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The latter ships most of the raw materials used by the Company to it and retains title to the raw materials until they are assembled in the ships." It appears that these five tankers (below) are all that Florida SB built. But where in Ojus was the shipyard? Comments or queries, please email

Most recent update: 2023-05-18.

Name Hull# O.N. Owner Type Type # LDT LOA Built Disposition
US Army Coastal Tanker Y 63 627 182 Feb-45 To Paraguay 1946 as Ypora
US Army Coastal Tanker Y 64 627 182 Mar-45 Later T4 164, now Teknaf (Bangladesh)
US Army Coastal Tanker Y 65 627 182 Apr-45 To Paraguay 1946 as Ygurey
US Army Coastal Tanker Y 66 627 182 May-45 Retired in the 1960s, now fish processing plant in Seattle
US Army Coastal Tanker Y 67 627 182 Jun-45 To Panama 1946 as Chundo Ilho

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