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Peterson & Haecker, Blair NB

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Most recent update: 2021-08-30.

Hull# O.N. Name Owner Type LDT LOA Built Disposition
264752 Aksarben Joe G. McMaken Towboat 9g 36 1939
241638 Sioux City Cowgur & Co. Towboat 16g 46 1940 Later Alyce H
240612 Margaret Dawson Ashland Oil Towboat 69g 61 1941 Later Mike Murphy
241248 Henry C. Ogram Ashland Oil Towboat 96g 61 1941 Later Fasco, Crystal King, Doug K, Gladys B. Batson, Olivia Rose, Donna McBride
244152 Jean Marie Lea River Lines Towboat 296g 103 1943 Later John M. Warner
245317 Minnesota Husky Upper Miss. Towing Towboat 315g 112 1943 Later Fleetwood, Illinois
WAGL 304 Fern US Coast Guard Tender 350 114 19-Nov-42 Sold 1972
WAGL 310 Lantana US Coast Guard Tender 273 80 6-Nov-43 Sold 1995 as Lantana, now in Memphis
WAGL 286 Clematis US Coast Guard Tender 80 73 28-Jul-44 To TVA 1977
WAGL 287 Shadbush US Coast Guard Tender 80 73 28-Jul-44 Sold 1976
WAGL 311 Sumac US Coast Guard Tender 350 114 11-Nov-44 Retired 1999, later Jayne S. Hollingsworth, now Rita Jane

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