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Vigor Alaska, Alaska Ship & Drydock, Vigor Industrial, Ketchikan AK

Alaska Ship & Dry Dock Company was created by the Alaska DoT in the 1980s as a repair yard for Alaskan ferries. It had several operators over the years and was heavily supported by public agencies. In 2012, it was acquired by Vigor Industrial. Visit the company here and see it from the air on Google here. Comments or queries, please email

Most recent update: 1 April 2020.

Hull# O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Ft. Built Disposition
1 1108043 Oral Freeman Ketchikan Gateway Ferry 258 112 Jan-02 Active
2 1189367 Susitna Matanuska Susitna SLICE Ferry 2012 Sold 2016 to Philippine Red Cross
3 834113 Coal Harbor No. 5 Chevron Canada Tank Barge 1,020 16-Dec-09 Now fueling dock Chevron Legacy (Canada)
4 1233713 Ken Eichner 2 Ketchikan Gateway Ferry 90 111 1-Jun-11 Active
7 1246916 Arctic Prowler Alaska Longliner Longliner 196 119 18-Feb-14 Active
135 1290456 Tazlina State of Alaska Ferry 3,217 252 4-Oct-18 Active
136 1323215 Hubbard State of Alaska Ferry 3,217 252 6-Jun-19 Active


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