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Dolomite Shipbuilding, Pittsford NY

Dolomite Shipbuilding was a subsidiary of Dolomite Products, which is still a producer of aggregates and other construction materials. It was established in 1932, in a curious location, on the Erie Barge Canal, but way up the dead end slip in the Town of Pittsford. The yard was just north of French Road, immediately next to the western wall of the Pittsford Mall, on the east bank of what is now the Pittsford Trail, the slip canal itself having been filled in. See the site from the air on Google here, although there's nothing left to see except Lock 62, a little to the north. If anyone can provide any more information about this yard, please email

Most recent update: 21 May 2014.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Ship Type GT Ft. Delivery Disposition
1 232721 Dolomite 1 Dolomite Marine Self-unloader 934 1934 Later Alkaliner 1940, Nansound 1941, lost in the US Gulf 1942
2 145631 Dolomite 2 Dolomite Marine Tanker (conversion) 1,958 1938 Ex-Thomas Maytham (built 1893), later Motorex 1941, sunk by gunfire 1942
3 239238 Dolomite 3 Dolomite Marine Tanker 2,345 1938 Later Petroheat, Arriaga 1942, torpedoed and lost 1942
4 237713 Dolomite 4 Dolomite Marine Tanker 2,249 1938 Later Nickeliner 1940, torpedoed and lost 1943
BCS 312-386 US Army 75 Barges, Sectional 5/42-7/42
BCS 716-751 US Army 36 Barges, Sectional 6/42-10/42
SB 1-3 US Army 3 Barges, Sectional 4/43 Later USED 78, 80, 82
BD 1199-1223 US Army 25 Barges, Derrick 7/43-7/44
BCS 1606-1620 US Army 15 Barges, Sectional 9/43-10/43


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