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Halter Calumet, Calumet LA

Halter Calumet was acquired in 1978 and closed in 1982, when the market collapsed. The yard was on the east side of Yellow Bayou, on the south side of the Highway 90 bridge: see it from the air on Google here. If anyone can add to the table below, please email

Most recent update: 26 August 2014.

HMI# O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Delivered Disposition
738 602795 Southern Knight Southern Maid Inc. PSV 268 Mar-79 Now C-Truc No. 3
739 605231 Southern Maid Southern Maid Inc. PSV 645 May-79 Later Ribardi Tide, Gulf Venture, now Al Badayer 4 (Sharjah)
755 607766 Coastal Champion Coastal Carriers PSV 182 May-79 Later Nicor Champion, Seacor Champion, now Deep Sea Champion
760 600649 Harris M. Callais Abdon Callais PSV 244 Dec-78 Now Sea Swift (Sharjah)
797 609909 Rosemary United Marine Services PSV 565 Aug-79 Later Marmex I, now Denamex I (Mexico)
601974 City of Sandusky City of Sandusky OH Passenger 93 1979 Later Bay Islands, Aggressors IV, now Caribbean Dream II
840 615485 Continuity Fishing 478 Aug-79 Later Prosperity, deleted 2005
844 610447 Mary Tide Tidewater Marine OSV 116 Aug-79 Active (Colombia)
845 612064 Darlene Tide Tidewater Marine OSV 116 Oct-79 Now Millie Ann
848 615595 Cindy Briley Briley Marine PSV 287 Dec-79 Later Carl B. Downs, now Isabela II (Ecuador)
849 620317 Lulu Tide Tidewater Marine PSV 288 May-80 Scrapped 2010
852 615570 Barbara Pelham Pelham Marine PSV 288 Dec-79 Now Barbara Lois
853 624107 Panama City Gonsoulin Ent. PSV 286 1980 Later Cape May, now Emily Ann
854 627141 Coastal Cat Coastal Carriers PSV 999 Sep-80 Later Seacor Anna, Nicor Anna, now Anna
855 629882 Marcia Rose United Marine Services PSV 284 Dec-80 Later Marmex III, Isla Passavera, now Marmex III
856 619821 Coastal Captain Coastal Carriers PSV 291 1980 Later Seabulk Maryland, Gulf Endeavor, now FMS Glory
944 630379 Santee River Trico Services PSV 284 Feb-81 Later Cape Charles, now Candy Carrier
945 635746 Jamie G. Briley Marine PSV 560 May-81 Now GB Balac (Mexico)
995 638624 Cameron Express Offshore Express PSV 283 Jul-81 Later Cape Charles, now Fender Care 3 (Nigeria)
1040 641621 Breton Express Offshore Express PSV 284 Oct-81 Later Breton, Seabulk Virginia, now Gulf Mariner
1047 643639 Chandeleur Express Offshore Express PSV 494 1981 Later Chandeleur, now Ignacio Allende (Mexico)
1054 648544 Gulf Moon Jackson Marine PSV 296 1982 Now Capt. Picardi (Panama)
1055 648914 Southern Moon Jackson Marine PSV 296 1982 Scrapped 2010


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