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Liberty Dry Dock, Brooklyn NY

This shipyard was originally started by James A. O'Boyle, who sold it in the 1920s to the Russells of Newtown Creek Towing. It was located at the foot of Quay Street, in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, on the site once occupied by Continental Iron Works, builder of the Monitor. The company closed in 1955. From the known hull numbers, it must have had more of a production record than is shown here: if anyone can add to the table below, please email

Most recent update: 24 July 2017.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type Tons Ft. Built Disposition
36 239270 J. Raymond Russell Newtown Creek Towing Tug 137 78 1939 Later Muriel McAllister, Kinsale
37 239289 Russell 20 Newtown Creek Towing Tug 137 78 1940 Later Mark Casey
38 240365 Edward Card Card Towing Tug 132 78 1941 Later Peter B. McAllister, Groton, Bertha M, Dianne Richards
39 241416 Russell 19 Newtown Creek Towing Tug 132 78 1942
40 243458 Russell 15 Newtown Creek Towing Tug 142 78 1943 Later Dennis McAllister, Carmen A
SC 736 U.S. Navy Sub Chaser 136 110 27-Feb-43 To the Philippines 1948 as Mountain Province (P-15)
SC 737 U.S. Navy Sub Chaser 136 110 20-May-43 To the FLC 1947
44 251600 Harold Reinauer Reinauer Tptn. Tanker 950 223 Jun-47 Later Recovery III (Panama)
50 263194 Russell 14 Newtown Creek Towing Tug 190 1952 Later Roberto G. Maquero (Mexico)
51 Y-487 U.S. Army Tanker 1,200 1955 Served in Vietnam
52 267604 Sanita NYC Sanitation Dept. Tug 76 66 1954 Later Soo Chief, Susan M. Selvick, Nathan S, John M. Perry, Zuccolo, Carla Selvick, now Terry D


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